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Essex - Redbridge

Google's version of Darking and Bagenham's list of "buildings and Monuments of Importance". For some reason they don't seem to know about No. 2. Darking and Bagenham's Local List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest does not mention either Post or Post 2.
043208043209043209ed043211043212n001_553n001_554n001_555 Post 1, Dagenham Road
043216043217n002_556n002_557n002_558 Post 2, Wood Lane / Rush Green Road

n003_568n003_569n003_572n003_573n003_574n003_575n003_576n003_577 Post 3, West Ham United F.C. training ground. Listed building - see this document page 29.

Posts 4 through 7 lie on a much older boundary, dating from Norman times and marked by stones erected in 1641. See this Hainault Forest page.
043220043221n004_562n004_559n004_560n004_561n004_563n004_564n004_565n004_567 Post 4, Chadwell Heath. I missed an interesting pump nearby. See also the Hainault Forest page.
n005_578n005_580n005_581n005_582n005_579n005_343n005_344 Valence House. Neither of these stones is Post 5 - it was a Type 2. For next visit, remember that Valence House shuts at 16:30.
n005_583 Post 5, approx. original position. In the foreground is the end of Pemberton Gardens and we are looking southeast.
Forest Bounds stonePost 5 in its original position, photographed in 1910 beside the Forest Bounds stones.
n006_586 Post 6 should be in the hedge just to the left of the sign but I could see no trace of it. Note the seam across the road.
043224n007_584n007_585Collier Row stone
Post 7, Hog Hill Road. Apparently, lurking in the vegetation near the speed limit sign there is an Hainault Forest boundary stone. The write-up says a "lamp post … was digitally removed". I presume by "lamp post" they actually mean the speed limit sign.

n008_587 The Maypole, 171 Lambourne Road, Chigwell, IG7 6EF at TQ 464 933
n008_588n008_589 Post 8, Manor Road. This and Post 9 are both on the IG / RM postcode boundary
n009_590n009_591n009_592 Post 9, Abridge Road

Essex - Epping

Obelisk 10 shows up very clearly on this Google aerial photo giving a grid ref of TQ 4519 9767. I have not got within sight of the obelisk yet but here is a train on the Circle Line looking north from the bridge at TQ 454 986. It was called the Eastern Counties Railway when the obelisk was erected and it became the Great Eastern Railway.

View larger map
Post 13.5? Could it be that Martin Nail missed one? At TL 4190 0170 the OS map marks an 'Obelisk'. It lies pretty close to the direct line between Posts 13 & 14 and it even looks like a Tax Post on Google's aerial photo! Another visit is definitely needed.

n014_346n014_347n014_348n014_349n014_352 Post 14, Galleyhill Green
n015_364n015_365n015_366 Post 15, Waltham Road
n016_367n016_368n016_372Post 16, Waltham Road / St Leonards Road, near the Coach and Horses pub
n017_373n017_374n017_375 A far-flung corner of the Lee Valley Park with a path that just stops close to …
n017_376 where Post 17 orter be at the start of Colemans Lane
N018_383n018_384 Post 18, Colemans Lane
n019_378n019_379n019_380n019_381n019_382 Post 19, Colemans Lane


n021_385n021_386N021_388n021_389n021_391 Post 21, beside the railway in Wormley
n022_393n022_394n022_395n022_396n022_397 Post 22, outside 137 High Road, Turnford
Post 23, E side of Holy Cross Hill. Opposite a footpath. 40 yds N of Holy Cross Stables, 100 yds S of Holy Hill Farm. 60 yds S of picnic place (now closed - search this PDF for "paradise").
N024 Post 24, deep inside Wormley Wood (image from Geograph)

N030 Post 30, Heath Road, Potters Bar (image from Geograph)

037166037167037168 Post 65
037169 Post 66
037170037171037173037174 Post 67 and Plate 68
037175037176037177037178 Obelisk 69

038020038021038022 Poyle Pump
Post 77 and Plate 78, Colnbrook
038028038029 Mad Bridge

037186 Post 81?, Wraysbury Road, Staines
037022037023037024037025037026037027037180037181037182 Stone 83, The London Stone (Staines)

Post 84 ++++ all these images for Posts 84 - 86 are in the photobox gallery
074308074307074306074305 Post 85
056199056198056197074304074303074302 Post 86
074301074300 near Post 86
Post 87

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