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Who appears where matrices and reader's versions for Shakespeare plays

Who appears where matrices and reader's versions

for Shakespeare plays

In the table below each play title link generates the "who appears where matrix" (WAW matrix). The text or mtxt link, goes to a "reader's version" of each play - see below.




mtxt All’s Well That Ends Well
mtxt As You Like It
mtxt The Comedy of Errors
mtxt Cymbeline
mtxt Love’s Labours Lost
mtxt Measure for Measure
mtxt The Merchant of Venice
mtxt The Merry Wives of Windsor
mtxt A Midsummer Night’s Dream
mtxt Much Ado About Nothing
mtxt Pericles, Prince of Tyre
mtxt The Taming of the Shrew
mtxt The Tempest
text Troilus and Cressida
mtxt Twelfth Night
text Two Gentlemen of Verona
mtxt The Winter’s Tale
mtxt Henry IV, part 1
mtxt Henry IV, part 2
mtxt Henry V
mtxt Henry VI, part 1
mtxt Henry VI, part 2
mtxt Henry VI, part 3
mtxt Henry VIII
mtxt King John
mtxt Richard II
mtxt Richard III
mtxt Antony and Cleopatra
mtxt Coriolanus
mtxt Hamlet
mtxt Julius Caesar
mtxt King Lear
mtxt Macbeth
mtxt Othello
mtxt Romeo and Juliet
mtxt Timon of Athens
mtxt Titus Andronicus
Using Moby versions
- see Source below.
To change this and
other options,
go to Options below.
See also: Counts of characters and lines for each play.


text Venus and Adonis
text Arden of Feversham
mtxt Witch of Edmonton
mtxt Witch of Edmonton (raw)
text Double Falsehood
text Double Falsehood (raw)
mtxt The Two Noble Kinsmen
mtxt The Duchess of Malfi
text Doctor Faustus

Shakespic Source. The matrices and the texts are all derived from here at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They in turn have derived their files from the Moby Shakespeare.

Bug. Not so much a bug, call it a design limitation: the matrices ignore all prologues and epilogues. Any other errors are likely to be down to MIT rather than to me. But if you find errors, please let me know and I will put corrected versions on this site.

Reader's versions. The text and mtxt links lead to reader's versions which have act and scene number shown beside the character's name on every speech. If you copy one to your own machine, remember to copy shakmob.css as well to get the full effect - or to amend to create your own effect!

The mtxt links are where errors have been found in the MIT version and details of the errors are given in the link. If you want a version with the error corrections but without the act and scene numbers, shakmob.css contains instructions for doing it.

The txok links are to versions which I have actually used at a reading. Not guaranteed perfect but slightly more trustworthy than the text ones.

Why? I belong to a group called the Sunday Shakespeare Society which meets once a month to simply read a Shakespeare play. Locating a slim version of each play in public libraries proved to be a small problem. So I became the first person in the society's 135 year history to read their part from a tablet PC.    

This threw up another problem - I was afraid that one swipe of my finger could scroll the text by two or three scenes and getting back to the right place could be a lot harder on screen than with a book which has act and scene number in the heading of each page.

And if one society was not enough, I have now joined the Shakespeare Reading Society which is younger than the Sunday Shakespeare Society by just one year. I have also switched from using my 10 inch Asus tablet (642 grammes or 1159 gm with its keyboard attached) to using a 6 inch Kindle (a quarter the weight at 166gm). At a comfortable setting for line wrap, the Kindle's text is much smaller but I find I can still read it.

Alternatively! Each of the reader's versions has a link at the top back to the source site and a page providing links to each scene in a separate page.

OptionsApplicable to:
v--WaW matrix
v--play text
xxUse MIT versions (default is Moby)
xMatrix to list characters in order of appearance
xOutput the matrix as a CSV file
xProvide links (version without may be preferred for printing)
xAdd target= to links
xWhole play links will be to name.htm
xUse a separate css file: shakmob.css (Moby) or shake.css (MIT)
xLine and speech counts are added to the text
Queries / complaints - to Roger W. Haworth
- email:
- website:

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