As for the views from the back, it is a matter of opinion. I liked the fact that it was not built up, but it did overlook a chicken farm, and a builders yard.
Alvor is gradually being developed, and there are piles of soil in the distance which are the start of a new Alvor Village development.
The pool was dark as shadowed by the hotel till mid morning. There was no bar or cafe at the pool. The pool tiles were cracked and there was no safety bar for kids to hang onto around the sides. There is a tiny kids pool round the back, but it is heavily shadowed and there is nowhere for parents to sit. The sister hotel is the Yellow next door, where there is a pool cafe/bar and a restaurant. The bossy receptionist told me that we could buy food at the Yellow but not use their pool! The staff are not particularly friendly, and there is no activity in the hotel itself and no bar. This didn’t bother us as we hire a car and do our own thing. It’s not the place to go if you want to meet people though. Outings were advertised on the board, and they seem to work together with the Yellow, which is the pick up point.

Who would actually like this hotel?
1. People with no money and loads of kids. It is very cheap, you could sleep two or three kids in the hall wardrobe. No one will care if it gets knocked about.
2. People who have only ever been camping before. This is camping with a roof, so go upmarket.
3. People who like chickens. It is next door to a chicken farm and overlooks their building yard at the back.
Which brings me to:

The Cockerell
This notorious creature did crow but we were not disturbed, as I took earplugs. Go to the image links below to see videos of the proud symbol of Portugal with his chickens.

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Foul Videos?