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Mora P.D. puts pot dealer out of business

At approximately 2 a.m. on the morning of Dec. 27, an officer from the Mora Police Department stopped a vehicle driven by a 20-year-old female identified as Bonnie Kay Vandenarend.

The officer detected a strong odor from inside the vehicle, prompting a search of the car's contents.

The officer subsequently discovered what police say was 104 indvidually packaged small bags of marijuana with a total weight of 183 grams.

Vandenarend was arrested for a felony charge of controlled substance in a motor vehicle and possession of drug paraphrenalia and was held at the Kanabec County Jail.

The value of seized drugs, according to Mora Police Chief Chris Olson, was over $1,000.

"The marijuana was packaged and ready to sell for $10 per bag," Chief Olson said.

See the Jan. 8 edition of the Times for additional coverage.

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58 comments on this item

even a blind squirel finds a nut once in a while.

This is disturbing to see a person so young ruin their life for something so stupid. The MPD needs to step up and take control of the areas youth and put a stop to behaviors like these.

so what are you saying gonetoo? That youve been visited by blind squirrels?

Marijuana is the number one cash crop in the United States. Prohibition didn't work in the past for the far worst drug alcohol. If you go back to the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 and read why it was declared that it need be made illegal one will find in your face propaganda.

"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country."

- Thomas Jefferson

"Are you aware that the constitution of the United States is printed on marijuana "

- Jesse Ventura

Real Change Requires Revolution please join the Young Americans for Liberty on January 20th and let's reminds Obama what Real Change is. We need to treat drugs medically and not criminally, we are over 10 Trillion in debt, don't you think we could tax the number one cash crop in the country and end this corruption filled prohibition on the most useful, historic plant on earth.

I'm pretty sure there are larger cash crops in the US than marijuana. For instance: Corn, wheat, soybeans, forest products, citrus products...

At the start of 2007 it was bringing in more then Corn and Wheat combined according to Government Data. Of course that was with it being illegal and not being used as a commodity we have to import hemp products from other countries. One other things I believe that hemp does a great job of restoring the soil versus corn and soybeans. In World War II it was Hemp for Victory and you had to grown the stuff.

Here is the Hemp For Victory Clip from World War 2.

It is not the MPD's (or the government's) job to raise or children. That is what parents are for.

It is rather hillarious that many of the people/groups that want to legalize the smoking of pot want to ban cigarette smoking.

bkis1 use to be a blind squirrel

Well I dont know if I should congratulate you on finding your set or if I should congratulate you on becoming human.

FeddUp...AMEN I agree the problems in this world are the parents are letting technology raise their children and use TV as their babysitters. They spend the 1st 2 years telling them to walk and talk and the next 16 telling them to sit down and shut up. Parents buy them everything they want and then wonder why when they are adults they dont understand that they need to work to have things in life. They continue to expect a handout.

That's going to be great once she starts talking in order to reduce her sentence, imagine all the paranoids looking over shoulder and afraid everytime the door is knocked upon. Good sleep guys.

Any bets that at age 20, she will talk?

Nice picture. Is that a stock photo or did the MPD whip up that little display for the press? This is not a significant bust. It is 6 1/2 ounces of weed. With a street value of maybe $450. Nobody is going to prison here strongest.

Sounds like bkids1 has mastered child rearing 101. So how many children have you flawlessly raised to become the most perfect and well rounded individuals on the planet?

Must be thousands of little bkids1 robots running around, eh?

So your point (rant) is that this individuals arrest, is attributed to her watching a TV for 2 years, then being told to shut up for 16 years and like icing on a crap cake, she got everything she ever wanted carte blanche. This all drove her to a life of (allegedly) dealing drugs?

Correct me if I am wrong, you’re saying that if we fixed those three “problems” we could have a world of perfect kids? Wow, Utopia! You ought to be nominated for the Noble Peace Prize; I never knew it was so simple.

But the allegation is that she wasn’t looking for a handout, instead making a living selling dime bags of the #1 cash crop in the good old USA??!!. Good return on investment, but it’s still illegal, landed her in the clink. Maybe a bad choice in careers, not necessarily bad parenting.

For the record all charges are still subject to prosecution and conviction.

bkids1; just so we are clear, no need to reference my set, I’m not shy and would to shatter your self image.

LOL Wow you have some anger issues. Are you a bad parent or are you angry because you failed so in life. WOW Anger management 101 needed i'd say. Are you the parent of this child or 20 that felt they needed to sell drugs? Or just a dealer yourself that has maybe smoked a bit too much weed? Actually I was agreeing with Feddup that it is the parents job to raise the children not the police or govts. and I believe SOME parents are letting everyone and everything else raise their children. I wonder if maybe you got your kids/grandkids (whatever )a bunch of toys for Christmas and now call your self a good parent because you were so nice to them. Guilt trip youre on? Wow calm down youre gonna explode LOL smile :) you'll feel better and you never know what you may teach a child by letting them see you happy instead of angry. Or one more guess...was that your pot they got LOL I love it.

Anger, hardly. Sarcasm aimed at your comments, bingo. It was a given you would bite the bait and fight, like fishing in a barrell!

Now that you have made all of your narrow minded and slanderous accusations, classifying my character based on your “great insight”, we’ll set some facts straight… how far off were you? How many guesses did you need?

No, I am not the parent of this child, nor am I her relative… never met her, but I believe she has the right to fair trial, by her peers, which is no different than you or I deserve. Rumors and innuendo are not allowed as evidence in court.

While it’s true that I have smoked pot, I haven’t done so for over 20 years, I don’t condone the legalization or the use. I have seen what this “non addictive” drug has done to peoples lives firsthand. I’ve never dealt drugs in my life and I never even considered it.

Apparently my “drug addiction” didn’t mess me up too bad, nor did watching too much TV, being told to shut up, divorced parents or getting gifts buying my love. I skipped school, drank beer, stayed out all night and did crazy stuff, and then I grew up. I even made it through high school.

Now, I’m responsible for a $20 million dollar a year enterprise, supporting 20 employees, performing in the top five nationally every single year within my field, that’s #5 out of 30,000, what percentile is that?

Having lived in this area for the better part of 35 years and in conjunction with my career, I am known and respected by more people than you could possibly comprehend, both locally and throughout the entire State of Minnesota. “I would definitely consider myself a failure in life”

With 2 kids at home, watching their fair share of TV, surfing the internet and playing video games, yes I am using “technologies to raise my children”, yet both are straight A students, go figure.

How so, because they are rewarded and encouraged for their behavior and performance. Both at home and by teachers at school, imagine that, someone other than a parent could have a positive impact on a child. Their rules are clear, so are ours with no exceptions, they “earn” the fun stuff.

So maybe you really are right “I’m a bad parent and am so guilty about how I have messed my children up”, Then you got me on “how unhappy I am and have made them too” and you weren’t fooled by the fact that “I am a strung out, failure in life, pot smoking, drug dealer, buying my kids love with the drug money, the whole time hoping to get my pot back, sob domestic abuser who needs anger management 101”.

I would bet a sleuth like you figured out years ago where Jimmy Hoffa really is, come on you can tell us?

On second thought, we are all laughing out loud at you bkids1, the ass who swung and missed my values, character, integrity and me by a million miles! “Pleased to meet you hope you guess my name”

My point about your original comments is this; you over generalized and focused on a silly analogy of what is "wrong" with kids, society and parents. Choose to complain, point fingers and chastise if that's the shoe you want to wear. Be sure though until you accept what is right you’ll never fix what is wrong.

"There are no problems only solutions" John Lennon

If youre happy and you know it clap your hands...CLAP CLAP LOL

On a related not, Coborns reports Dorito sales are down 37%.

thats hilarious!

bkids1, its amazing that with both feet and your hands in your mouth you can still type.

I keep scrolling up and down trying to figure out why people started making harsh personal attacks in the comments on this story, and how said comments relate to this story. So far ( as usual) I am clueless.

They are paranoid now that they lost their pot. They need it to mellow out!!!!

By Gerorge I think he has it!


Smile people :)

Paul Rowland: "So far ( as usual) I am clueless."

Agreed. Paul when I talk about on how the Communist Manifesto is alive and well in the US Government you diss it or spoof it. Why? Do you support it? If it's non-existent and I'm wrong, can you show us? Why the silence?


I'm clueless too

You and I both...

I'm sorry strongest if I offended your beliefs. I'm not sure what silence you are refering to. If what you are saying is that this country seems to be taking somewhat of a lean toward communism, I agree with you. The federal goverment is buying up banks, auto makers, and who knows what else, it seems there is something new everyday. If that cycle continues, it seems to me, that once the federal government owns equity in everything, this country will have the same political structure as Russia did under the communist regime.

I apolgize for getting off-topic...

No offense taken, the storm troopers will be by later and make it all right.

We're on the road to nowhere....

There was a lot of Storm Troopers at the RNC in St. Paul last September. The Storm Trooper's were pretty friendly over in Minneapolis but things were a lot more civil. One Storm Trooper told me how crazy it was over in St. Paul so I stayed out of the cattle herding that was going on over there.

"If what you are saying is that this country seems to be taking somewhat of a lean toward communism, I agree with you. "

Thank you Paul, not my beliefs though. Read

and you will see the Commnist Manifesto has been upon us for some time, by both Political

Sponsored Parties--no matter why no one uses the "Communism" word no more--they don't want anyone on the WWW investigating it.

Still waiting

Don't believe everything you read. How do you get from someone being arrested for pot, to the country being infiltrated with communist. We even get one persons auto biography. The one that is respected by more people than we can imagine.


gopher, agreed. And I apoligize again for any contribution I may have had in getting us off topic.

.... is reality?~!

I also feel that it is the parents job to raise their children, but I also think that the MPD needs to more as well. On any given Friday or Saturday night there is a number of parties going on in Mora, where there is underage drinking adn illigal drug use, and it is not hard to spot the houses having these parties, it would not be too difficult to for the MPD to break up these parties.

As someone that grew up in Mora I can honestly say that their nazi police department is extremely hard on the kids. As much as I love seeing some stupid girl getting busted for doing something stupid, it gives all of Mora's youth a bad name. When I lived in Mora I had a confrontation with robocops almost weekly and could always take comfort in the fact that I was doing no harm and it was just a stupid cop being stupid. But when kids pull a stunt like this it completely justifies the officer's ridiculous behavior. Way to raise the bar Bonnie... now every time a teenager is hassled for virtually no reason whatsoever they'll have you to blame.

If one knows were all the Juvenile parties in Mora are and have a lot of concern about it why would that person not alert the PD or is it an assumption that they should magically know all these things. I guess if one has a complaint and tells them when and where the party is going on and then nothing is done, one has a ligitimate complaint. What I remember from my high school days is none of us let the cops know about it. I don't think that has changed

Wow. Someone had a confrontation with the MPD almost weekly. All that tells me is that person must have had a problem. I got stopped enough as a youth and I can't remember one time when it wasn't justified. Now it is going to be Bonnie's fault everytime a youth is approached. Those are some really inmature comments.

There are some cops who are jerks just like any job, but I also know there are some nice guys, like any profession.

Alcohol prohibition created - moonshine and dangerous bathtub mixes that poisoned and killed people.

Drug prohibition, namely prohibition of pot over the years has since brought us the poison known as Meth.

I think people should at least consider this and that maybe Alcohol is just as much a gateway drug as anything. When it comes to so called drug users the majority only use Pot anyways and have little care for moving onto the harder stuff.

I agree, alcohol is the most abused drug of all. Somehow people forget that, most likely because it is legal.

The difference with legalization is that alcohol was legal and then the attempt was made to take it away. The other drugs have never been legal and I don't think they should be.

How does the fact that marijuana is not legal lead to the rise of meth?

The drug that is most easilly aquired or made is going to be the drug of choice. Meth woould have reared it's ugly head anyway .

What's most easily acquired and made at home will be the drug of choice and that is the danger when you don't care what you put into your body. I see a big contradiction with the number of deaths related to drinking vs smoking pot. The fact is that hemp which cannot even get you high is destroyed by the DEA as if it were to be used as a drug. If you cultivate the plant for rope and other useful materials you will not be growing the smokable THC rich strand.

Pot was legal before 1937 and was popular among Black jazz musicians and Mexican farm workers. However it was not well known to white folks like the tobacco plant was. Harry J. Anslinger can be credited with the campaign to stop the use of this plant. Here are some quotes that came from Anslinger and his gore files.

"There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others."

"...the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races."

"Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality, and death."

"Reefer makes darkies think they're as good as white men."

"Marihuana leads to pacifism and communist brainwashing"

"You smoke a joint and you're likely to kill your brother."

"Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind."

To me this kind of thinking is fear induced racism and propaganda. It may well be that had pot been legal we would have had Meth appear anyways, I believe it has it's origins with the Nazi's.

The fact of the matter is that kids should not see pot and meth on the same level because it just might be that when they are confronted with meth they might just say well they lied to me about pot maybe they also lied to me about meth. This is what I think is dangerous.

But kids and young adults are likely to see these drugs on the same level and in similar circumstances. Go to a party, they start with alcohol or pot, which lowers their inhibitions, add some peer pressure, BAM! One hit later Meth is your new drug of choice, it only takes one use to be addicted to Meth!

No mater what anyone tells you, Pot is a gateway drug and is addictive, your brain craves it no different than, cigarettes, coffee, alcohol... etc. the difference is to what degree it stimulates your brain. Have watched it happen for years, dudes still living at home with the folks, just living for the next high. A completerly different lifestyle.

While legalizing pot may allow additional tax income and legitimate enterprise. It also guarantees the drug will be more accessible to kids, compounding the potential for further abuses. More younger people would likely to experiment and over indulge if it was legal.

Also there are additional drug choices now, the availability is greater and the concentrations are much stronger than they were in the 70’s. This is something that is not usually considered in this argument.

It used to be 1 joint, now its one hit of pot to get high.

And if it were commercialized what is to say that the “Pot Companies” wouldn’t improve the “product” just have a more captive consumer, "better bud", and how would that change things? Stronger pot, add THC, just like adding extra nicotine to cigs as they already do.

Then what?

That's what goes on over in Amsterdam "better buds", hard to say if it's a bad thing or not with the extra THC. Seems to me the main health risk would be the amount of smoke a person inhales. One hit compared to a whole joint would be a lot less irritation to the lungs.

Does smoking pot alone cause cancer or do you also need to smoke tobacco?

I think any smoke is harmful, however I have read reports that THC was shown to in fact shrink tumors. Where the government steps in and tells a person dieing of cancer that they can't smoke pot to dull the pain steps on my imagination of what it means to be free.

There has also been studies showing that Vitamin B17 has been shown to kill cancer cells and that cancer may in fact be a lack of Vitamin B17 in modern diets. This of course has for the most part been dismissed by mainstream medicine.

Whatever a person believes about anything that has been said in this story, I can't imagine that it would hurt to look into what someone else has to say and make up your own mind. This includes me I'm always considering what others have to say and think.

I'm not trying to sell anyone on anything, I'm only trying to look at things from different points of view, and make up my own mind. The hallmark of this country is that first amendment, and it's great to see people use it! The first amendment is there to protect the people you don't agree with on everything. It's also there for you as well, before the American Revolution each town had a Liberty Tree on which to post messages. The internet and letters to the editor are the continuance of that tradition.

No one is trying to restrict someone from their freedom of speach. I think however that your statements conclude that you are in favor of legalizing pot.

You missed my point completely in that alcohol is a legal mood altering drug. LSD by your definition was not illegal at one point either, and was used by the hippies in the earlly sixties. It wasn't until people thought they could fly under it's influence did someone step in and make it illegal.

Youth should view all chemicals as a bad thing, including alcohol and pot and not differenciate between one being more harmful than the next, because they are all harmful to some extent.

Marj. accually contains more tar than cigarettes, and a more purer form of THC know as hash is even hallucinogentic.

It is the erosion of morals and values that continues to tear apart this country, in my opinion. We have people now who want to marry people of the same sex. To me this is sick and not an alternative life style, but more of an opportunity for those people to force exceptence on their perversion on those of us who disagree There are some things that are simply wrong. The use of any chemical that alters ones mood is wrong.

I don't care how one attempts to justify it. Stating that pot is so much less harmful than meth is no justification for the use of pot.

As we know anyone that uses drugs of any kind eventulally buidls a tolerence and more of that drug is needed to gain the same effect. That is were moving on to a more impotent drug comes into play

Here is the thing. the "stepping stone theory" was thrown out years ago by addiction experts. Millions of people try alcohol, and don't become alcoholics, millions try marijuana, and don't fall into daily marijuana use. They also view pornography, gamble, and try meth or cocaine at a party and despite "instant addiction to anyone who tries it" propaganda, they don't become addicted. Those are the facts. People who become addicts, will become addicted sooner or later to something, unless they deal with what is unresolved in them. They are just looking (on a subconscious level) for something to be addicted to, to fill the void. The problem is internal, not a supply issue. Now, some drugs are obviosly much more addictive and insidious than others, meth is the worst society has produced to date, we all know that, but because someone drinks a beer, or smokes some weed, has no bearing on whether they will become a meth addict. Unless you buy the theory that it will put the person in a position to more easily access harder drugs. The problem there is, there is always access to drugs (including alcohol) to someone looking for an addiction. The only way to fight addictions is through treatment, How do I know this? Prohibition is the perfect example. Prohibition caused the rise of organized crime in America, thousands of gangland killings, corrupted law enforcement, millions of dollars in lost tax dollars to the country, and it is believed alcohol use actually INCREASED during that time. What about our modern war on drugs that the American taxpayers have spent billions on? Let's see: street value of 1 gram of cocaine in 1979 - $100 Cost of 1 gram of cocaine in 2008 - $100. The billions we have spent on this "war" have resulted in a zero inflation rate over 30 years, plus the potency has gotten many times stronger. With that success rate, its too bad the Federal Goverment doesn't wage a "war on housing" or a "war on automobiles" we would all love to pay 1979 prices on those things. I'm not even going to get into the "all drugs are equally addictive" discussion, because thats ridiculous. Once someone is physically addicted, putting drugs like caffeine and marijuana in the same category as heroin, alcohol, and nicotine is silly. The worst drugs for physical addiction according to the FDA? Heroin and Nicotine. The only two "commonly used recreational drugs" that cause irreprable brain damage? Alcohol and Meth.

I am not sure I understand your point. Mine is simple. The use of mood ultering chemicals is wrong. Many people drink to get drunk not because they love the taste. People smoke pot to get high.

I believe that law enforcement would have little to do if not for the use of chemicals.

The majority of crimes are commited while under the influence of some type of chemical. Ones inhibitions lesson after use, and I can't tell how many times I have witnessed a completely dangerous or stupid act.

Does anyone really know the long term affects of any chemical? Some yes others, probabally not.

It matters little. From my point it is wrong.

It will never be stopped, becasuse people will always find a way

Our bodies are biological chemical machines, everything that goes on inside you in controlled by chemicals releases in the brain. In 1970 when they classified marijuana under the newly created controlled substance act they feared the addictive aspects of pot were like that of other drugs like opiates.

Research done in 1988 has since found that the human brain has a THC receptor site. This makes the effect on a person fundamentally different then those of other drugs which seem to either effect an addictive receptor, cut off oxygen or cause the brain to release other chemicals.

Why does the human brain have separate cannabinoid receptors? I could well be that this plant stretches back to primitive man and helped him develop into what he is today.

It could also be that the Church came in conflict with this sacrament as apposed to the communion wine.

Maybe I have a extra interest in this topic being that my 5th Great Grandfather who fought in the War of Independence had the last name Dakin. The meaning of Dakin is " Strike, Dakin, strike, the Devil's in the hemp. So I have been stuck with this in the back of my mind.

So as I ponder on the meanings of my ancestors and the founders of this country I often wonder what it was like when hemp was used for the original U.S. flag and for the uniforms worn by the rebel army during the Revolutionary war.

Gopher, I realize I didn't say it correctly, you said it better.

Regulation by legalization will not fix the problem, At least education and intervention keep it in check to some degree. Agreed it will always be an issue in some fashion or form.

Imagine if Pot and Cocaine from Central America, Meth coming from Mexico, or Heroin from Asia flowed unregulated for the last 20 years, cheaper drugs in any quantity you would want, could you even imagine what we would have?

For the record this was taken from Wikpedia…

"Drugs known to cause addiction include illegal drugs as well as prescription or over-the-counter drugs, according to the definition of the American Society of Addiction Medicine."


Amphetamine and Methamphetamine




Sedatives and Hypnotics:



Benzodiazepines, particularly alprazolam, clonazepam, temazepam, and nimetazepam

Methaqualone and the related quinazolinone sedative-hypnotics

Opiate and Opioid analgesics

Morphine and Codeine, the two naturally-occurring opiate analgesics

Semi-synthetic opiates, such as Heroin (Diacetylmorphine), Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and Hydromorphone

Fully synthetic opioids, such as Fentanyl and its analogs, Meperidine/Pethidine, and Methadone



This is taken from a statement made by the local sherriff's department "It is easier for minors, in most cases, to obtain illegal drugs such as marijuana or meth, than it is for them to obtain alcohol".

What does that say about legalization?

Honestly, if the "war on drugs" worked, even slightly, I would be all for it. We have all known people and families who have been devastated by drugs, and if there was a way to shut off the supply, I would be onboard in a second. And we think we have a drug problem as a local community? Try living somewhere urban, where the illegal drug trade drives the entire economy, and puts life and death power in the hands vicious predatory criminals. Kids get busted daily, hauled off to prison, the police car isn't even out of sight and another kid takes over that street corner, meanwhile they are giving a child molester early parole at the prison, to make room for this kid who was selling drugs.

I understand people not wanting to give up on the war on drugs, but it is a dismal failure of epic proportions. If anyone but the federal government was running it, it would have been shut down decades ago. But politicians get elected saying they are going to fight drugs, and it works, people believe them. So for decades, we have poured billions of tax dollars down a black hole that not only doesn't work, but is actually counter-productive, and has resulted in more drugs, better drugs, at a lower cost to the consumer.

Please, someone come up with a plan to fight illegal drugs on a large scale from a supply stand point that works (to my knowledge it will be the first time in the history of civilization) and I will be enthusiastically onboard.

Now, intense enforcement on the supply side does work, to some degree, in a small controlled enviroment. Such as the military, large employers, etc. However this is america and we are not willing to live in a police state where we are continously searched and tested, and dragged off by the gestapo and locked up in facilities that we don't have and can't afford to build. And quite frankly, that whole scenario would cost far more money to do on a national scale, than the entire federal budget.

We are also fortunate, that we have a small community, and that our Sherriff is on top of the drug problem, if Kanabec County had 200,000 residents, it would be another story altogether. Because in a small community, if law enforcement can't catch, cure and rehabilitate each drug user, they can at least make them want to go and live somewhere else. Somewhere where they aren't scrutinized quite as closely (druggies are very paranoid people)

Do all of you people live in glass house's? Or do you just go to the lutherrrran church in Brunswick?

She is a good kid who made a mistake! We think!

This is still the good old USA!

Let her be tried befor you convict her!

We do not know all the facts!

Do not blame it on home training!

She is an adult! maybe young! But and adult!

There is no solution to obtaining or stoping the sale of illegal drugs. I believe that one of the problems is that this country is so easy to enter we might as well not even have a border.

Not only do we only show mild resistance to people entering this country in many cases it is promoted.

For example we have in Minnesota eighty percent of the mung population that was transplanted hear. Along with that they have one of the worst street gangs known. All because some bleeding hearts want to save these people. Somalia was the next country that has flocked to this country.

Cocaine does not come form here and neither do opiates. The country needs to take a firmer stance without being afraid of being accused of racial profiling or violating their rights. My way of thinking is that those who come here do not have the same rights.

After 911 a plane with people of Arab decent was stopped and of course they complained and a big deal was made out of that. I say too bad it is a matter of national security. Maybe if this approach was taken prior to 911 the incident may not have happened.

I know I got a little off track but this stuff is coming from other countries and there is very little this country does in the way of prevention in that area.

Swampmud do you really believe pot being illegal lead to people who couldn't get any weed manufacturing meth?

Your arguement actually seriously hurts your "pro weed" stance. Because if I understand you correctly, you are saying marijuana users in fact DO proggressively use harder drugs, a position that is almost universally rejected by people who are proponents of marijuana legalization.

Gopher, I feel the same way I think MY point is a simple one, and I don't think I understand yours. Mine is that drugs and alcohol are not good for people, and people who use them in excess create problems for society as a whole, but law enforcement can't stop the flow of illegal drugs. Isn't that exactly the same point you are making?

People still sell dime bags? Weird.

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