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Post 39
2003-05-12 22:46:10 Fr:035120 Sq:039.0
2003-05-12 22:46:49 Fr:035121 Sq:039.121
2003-05-12 22:51:08 Fr:035122 Sq:039.5_122
Harper Lane, Shenley Midway between these two Tax Posts. Just a post to announce that this is No. 100 but nice echoes of Tax Posts.
Cab drivers on night shift wish that all houses showed their numbers as clearly as this.
Post 40
0000-00-00 00:00:00 Fr:035123 Sq:040_123

Post 43
2003-05-12 22:06:50 Fr:035118 Sq:043_118
Post 44
2003-05-12 22:21:42 Fr:035119 Sq:044_119

Post 47
0000-00-00 00:00:00 Fr:043093 Sq:047_093
Posts 47 and 48
0000-00-00 00:00:00 Fr:043094 Sq:047_094
2004-03-04 19:02:14 Fr:043096 Sq:047_096

2012-06-07 15:45:59 Fr:126076 Sq:048976
2012-06-07 15:47:33 Fr:126077 Sq:048977
The house where W. S. Gilbert lived and died. (Cannot think of any connection with Coal Tax Posts!)

Post 49
2012-06-07 15:55:16 Fr:126078 Sq:049078
2012-06-07 15:57:25 Fr:126079 Sq:049079
2012-06-07 15:58:55 Fr:126083 Sq:049083
TQ 131 926, E side of Oxhey Lane, outside No 1 "The Hollies" and immediately NW of Burntoak Farm
Post 50
I am sure I looked for this on 2012 Jun 07 and could not find it.
Post 51
2012-06-07 16:52:05 Fr:126084 Sq:051084
2012-06-07 16:52:57 Fr:126085 Sq:051085
TQ 10608 91682

Obelisk 52
2012-06-07 17:16:46 Fr:126087 Sq:052.087
TQ 091 920 maps
o/s NW i/s NW   o/s NE i/s NE
i/s SW o/s SW   i/s SE o/s SE
2012-06-07 17:10:52 Fr:126086 Sq:052086
I cannot now recall where exactly I took this photo but I am pretty sure it is just the opposite side of the path from Obelisk 52. The railway at this point is the Metropolitan Line between Northwood and Moor Park. I cannot see why London County Council Tramways should need this box - more than an hundred yards from the nearest tram tracks.

Northwood telephone exchange
2012-06-07 17:50:45 Fr:126t98 Sq:05235

Post 53
2012-06-07 17:32:39 Fr:126090 Sq:053090
2012-06-07 17:34:35 Fr:126092 Sq:053092
2012-06-07 17:35:08 Fr:126093 Sq:053093
TQ 087 922
Post 54
2012-06-07 19:22:02 Fr:126097 Sq:054097
I walked about 200m either side of TQ 084 923 and saw nothing
Moor Park
2012-06-07 19:09:42 Fr:126096 Sq:054590
Gates to Moor Park Mansion at TQ 078 925
2012-06-07 19:02:08 Fr:126095 Sq:054592
2012-06-07 19:01:27 Fr:126094 Sq:054594
Moor Park Mansion itself, TQ 074 932
Post 55
2012-06-07 19:33:00 Fr:126004 Sq:055004
2012-06-07 19:34:23 Fr:126005 Sq:055005
The seam in the road surface indicates that this is still a boundary - between Hillingdon on the left and Three Rivers district of Hertfordshire. TQ 078 923
Post 56
2012-06-07 19:50:45 Fr:126006 Sq:056006
TQ 069 915 at the junction of White Hill and Jackets Lane. Nothing seen
Post 57
2012-06-07 19:59:00 Fr:126t99 Sq:057099
Post 58
0000-00-00 00:00:00 Fr:034157 Sq:058.157
2012-06-07 20:04:45 Fr:126u00 Sq:058002
++++ when the above is properly organised, use this with proper GPS derived co-ords
2003-04-14 22:58:50 Fr:034158 Sq:058_158
2003-04-14 22:58:50 Fr:034158cr Sq:058_158cr

Stockers Farm Road Pumping Station
2012-06-07 20:14:41 Fr:126u01 Sq:058_201
Sewage pumping station. See Sewage flows again as Rickmansworth street floods.

Stockers Lock
2012-06-07 20:35:00 Fr:126009 Sq:0595000 2012-06-07 20:35:00 Fr:126009 Sq:0595000 2012-06-07 20:35:00 Fr:126009 Sq:0595000
Stockers House. Martin Nail lists this as Post 218 but we will show it more in geographical sequence.
2012-06-07 20:30:49 Fr:126007 Sq:0595007 2012-06-07 20:30:49 Fr:126007 Sq:0595007 2012-06-07 20:30:49 Fr:126007 Sq:0595007
The building just left of centre is Stockers House.
Stockers House below Stocker's Lock No. 82, Grand Union Canal near Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, England. The house appears on the extreme left in this image. In the foreground is a Coal Tax post listed as No. 218 in this list.
The house was built in 1861-2 by the City of London Corporation for the inspector of coal traffic on the canal. The height is explained because its site is on the downstream side of the lock and there was a need to be able to see boats approaching from the upstream side. Listed Building No. 1173911.
2012-06-07 20:32:03 Fr:126008 Sq:0595011
A collection of old tools on display beside the lock plus an old sign with the stern warning the towing path is private property … there is no public right of way. In fact most canal towpaths are not rights of way but "permissive paths".


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