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Pembrokeshire and Ireland - 2014 June and July

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Fuascailt translates as ransom, release or resolution.
We travelled to Ireland with four hours of rebel songs on CD. And within an hour of landing we found the first site to play one: "We are the Boys of Wexford".

Wexford County Council – "Fuascailt"

On 30 May 1798, United Irish Insurgent forces intercepted the reinforcements for the Wexford garrison near this place. The overwhelming of the troops resulted in the evacuation of Wexford by Crown forces. In this engagement Thomas Cloney, Colonel of the Bantry battalion of the United Irishmen commanded the Insurgent forces. Nearby in the Meadow lie some 80 men of the Royal Artillery and Meath Militia who were killed in the battle.

There is nothing surer than that Irish men of every denomination must stand or fall together. William Orr, 1797.

Unveiled by Mr. Hugh Byrne, Minister of State at the Department of the Marine and Natural Resources on 16 November 1998.

Chairman of Wexford County Council   Leo Cartny
County Manager   Seamus Dooley
Sculptor   Eamonn O'Doherty

2014-06-29 10:33:45 Fr:146320 Sq:29103345
2014-06-29 10:33:57 Fr:146321 Sq:29103357
2014-06-29 10:34:00 Fr:146324 Sq:29103400
2014-06-29 10:34:06 Fr:146322 Sq:29103406
2014-06-29 10:34:15 Fr:146323 Sq:29103415
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