UK Telephone Photo Gallery

Grand Avenue
Grand Avenue, London CENtral [meat] Markets, Smithfield, EC1
SANderstead Exchange
in Church Way, Sanderstead
No. 335 Caledonian Road, N1 at TQ 3065 8426 seen in 2002 July 13.
Note the NORth 1386 number over the door on the right. This shop has now been redeveloped. No. 333 on the left is still there, still a take-away, with a different name but the same phone number.
(Image credit) 67 Borough High Street, SE1 at TQ 3265 8012 bearing the inscription
WH & H Le May, Hop Factors. More information and Listed Building listing
Wallington exchange building at 12 Melbourne Road, Wallington, SM6 8SE – TQ 2901 6410 seen in 2021 Mar 31. This is probably the manual exchange building: WALington on one of the upper floors and FRAnklin on the other, with equipment on the ground floor.
The manual exchange had to remain open during automation so the automatic equipment went in the new part on the right.
Tardis indeed! Tardis
At the Metropolitan Police Sports Club, The Warren, Croydon Road, Coney Hall, Bromley, Kent, BR2 7AL. Click on the blue light on top of the Tardis for more images. Another image of this Tardis.
There was a page about Tardises on a web site devoted to Civil Defence and the relics of the Cold War.
I emailed them to see if they knew about the Tardis above and received the following reply:
The website is about five years old [ie. made about 1999], it was completed by a friend of mine just as a pass time. I do not support it or have time to amend it or update. I do not publicise any of my work or allow people in to the numerous [physical] sites I own, with the exception of the partnership programme my wife and I are involved in with English Heritage.
As for the police box at the Met sports ground, this is actually a copy of an original box and not a very good copy at that.
I (to my knowledge) own all remaining Mark I Gilbert McKenzie Trench design Police Signal boxes. The only original police boxes the Met Police have are on loan from me.
We also loan boxes to various other English forces and museums, more than we loan to Scottish Forces or museums so I am disappointed you think there is a Scottish slant.
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