The Nail List of 1966 for the Croydon Area
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Reproduced by kind permission of The Bourne Society
from The Bourne Society Bulletin No. 43, February 1966
with corrigenda applied from Bulletin No. 44, May 1966.
                          CITY BOUNDARY POSTS

     We are grateful for the presentation by the compiler, Mr. Martin Nail, of the
Nonsuch and Ewell Antiquarian Society, of a definitive list of these posts, with full
details of types and grid references.  It is hoped to deposit this in the Purley
Reference Library. The following are the examples in the Bourne Society area:-

NO.  TYPE @ GRID REF.                            LOCATION
 88   2d    279578     W. side of How Lane, opposite Yew Tree Close.
 89   2c    286580     Junction of Coulsdon Lane, Hollymeoak Road, Portnall's Road,
                       Rickman Hill, and Hollymead Road.
 90   2     291576     E. side Brighton Road, S. of Woodfield Hill.
 91   2*    289568     E. side     "      "   beside Star Bridge.
 92   1     289567     W. side Redhill Railway, 100 yds. S. of Star Bridge.
 93   2d    304568     E. side Ditches Lane, near Devilsden Wood.
 94   2d    322568     Junction Coulsdon Rd. and the Grove.
 95   2     325570     W. side Stites Hill Rd. W. of No.22.
 96   2     338583     W. side Whyteleafe Hill, in front of Public Library.
 97   la    340581     E. side of railway, ¼ mile S. of Wyteleafe Station.
 98   2     341580     W. side Godstone Rd., outside No. 376.
 99   2*    344577     N. side of Well Farm Rd., 100 yds. E. of Godstone Road.
100   4     353570     S. side Stuart Rd., 100 yds from Woldingham Road.
101   2     354570     Junction of Stuart and Woldingham Roads.
102   2*    358577     E. side Bug Hill Road, outside Watendlath.
103   2     365583     Junction Limpsfie1d and Chelsham Roads.
104   2d    366584     Junction Chelsham Road and Sunny Bank
105   2d    371591        "     Harrow Road and Chelsham Road.
106   2d    365597     E. side old Farleigh Road, just N. of Harrow Inn.
107   2     368596     Edge of Little Park Wood by footpath to Warlingham Park
108   2d    382602     By kissing gate on footpath between Farleigh and Fickeshole.
109   2d    385610     W. side Featherbed Lane on Chaple Hill.
110   2d    395613     S. W. side King Henry's Drive, S. of New Addington Estate.
111   2d    396610     W. side Fairchildes Road, 100 yds. S. of cross roads.
112   2c    398611     N. side Sheepbarn Lane, E. of cross roads.
113   2d    415617     W. side Westerham Road, middle of Leaves Green.

@ 1 Stone obelisk, type uncertain. 1851. 1a Tall stone obelisk used on railways. 1851. 2 Cast iron post, type uncertain. 1851. 2c " " " 1861. Inscription: 24 VICT 2d " " " " " 24 & 25 VICT CAP 42 The above two types have the maker's name and date on front and back: REGENTS CANAL IRON WORKS HENRY GRISSEL 1861 LONDON 2* Type 2, with correcting plate. 4 Cast iron obelisk, on railway constructed after 1861.

The posts on this list match one to one with those in the Nail List (PDF) for the complete circuit and those with Nail Numbers in my version of the list.  But the numbers here are 73 less than those in the complete circuit list.
Hence Post No. 1 on this list would be No. 74 on the complete circuit list, ie. one of the two near Mad Bridge which are now lost under the M25 motorway.  This suggests that Martin Nail had restricted this list to Surrey and Kent.