The eventful life of Nail No. 166 in Ditches Lane, Coulsdon
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A near miss seen 2009 May 18
my photo
2006 April 2
my photo
2005 July 1
photo by Hywel Williams
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2003 March 18
my photo
1999 October 2
by David Evans
Unknown date
by Hugh McCullough
Bourne Society Bulletin No. 74,  November 1973
Iron Boundary Post, Coulsdon. The "Iron Man" east of Ditches Lane, Coulsdon is being re-sited 12 ft. south of its present position as, being on a blind bend, it has been repeatedly struck by vehicles and is in danger of complete demolition.
In those images where it is upright, it seems to be showing a lot of leg. But it occurred to me that this may be intentional. If it was more deeply rooted, a car hitting the post might break it and/or cause more serious injuries to the car passengers.