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postgrph This 'map' was created by putting all the Grid Refs of the original positions of the posts into a spreadsheet.  (Plus 'Post 63' now in the Guildhall Museum).

If you happen to have the excellent Fugawi version of the OS Landranger maps, you can download this
CSV file for Posts 1 to 217.
Import this into Fugawi as a Route and tell it that the first field is UK Ordnance Survey (the other fields will be ignored).
It will plot them all prettily for you.

Poyle annotated
Posts 73 - 82 or the original locations thereof plus Poyle Pump plotted on a map from OpenStreetMap

Images below produced from the service with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd. and Ordnance Survey
where is hyperlinked to, Landmark Information Group Ltd. is hyperlinked to and Ordnance Survey is hyperlinked to
(The above copied byte-for-byte from Old-Maps' Terms and Conditions page. If they do not know how to create hyperlinks I am not going to bother to do it for them.)

Click on the map for full size view
Oxshott - Posts 109 - 113 plus the buried one at Stokesheath Farm

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Obelisk 206 - Swanley filler
Post 205 - Crockenhill filler

Links from Grid Refs in the Photo pages
When I first put these pages up the links from Grid Refs in the photograph pages all led to beautiful renditions of the Ordnance Survey (OS) Landranger maps (1:50,000 when on paper) shown on screen at 200 pixels per Km. 
As at 2004 October these links do not seem to work properly - even though they are in exactly the format that Streetmap specifies.  The links still work but show a much larger area. 
When such a map displays you can click on the Zoom icon icon to see the Landranger style map.
(On the Landranger URL's I see an extra dn= parameter which probably stands for Day Number and looks like a device to make maps at this scale unlinkable - maybe because the OS are asking too much in licence fees.)

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