Roger W. Haworth
  • Hello. My name is Roger William Haworth - I'm the one on the left in the big picture. I live in South Croydon, Surrey, UK. (Help with spelling my surname.)
  • I am a retired computer consultant and software developer. I grew up as an MsDos person writing good old fashioned key­board-pounding applic­ations on an 80x25 text screen.
    I have skipped an whole generation of software development for Windows and now I keep my brain alert by developing web pages in that polyglot mix of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and (very reluctantly for the last one) Javascript.
    I also get my kicks from helping to delete the endless dross that flows into Wikipedia along with the good stuff.
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Me posing as the Prince of the Lilies

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  • Our son, George Patrick Webster Haworth was born on 1978 Dec 3. In 1998 he was in Idaho. Then he studied Sport Science at Portsmouth University for two years. In 2004 he graduated from Loughborough University where he did a Technology Foundation Year followed by a Mathematics course.
    Photos of George wok lifting at Weighking - sorry, that should be weight lifting at Woking
  • Other presences on the web:
  • oscoor:
    • I developed a resource which converts a GB grid reference to latitude and longitude and passes it to the Wikimedia resource for a page full of useful map links. It started life written in javascript at
    • It was then re-written in PHP and moved to And from there it was moved to …
    • The Wikimedia toolserver at . But it also had a pseudo-existence at because was shut down and redirected to
    • The toolserver was shut down so it moved yet again to the Wikimedia Labs as os/coor_g. But it is still receiving traffic, probably mainly from bots, at all four of its previous locations!
  • Code words:
    • Geowonks is a code word which I can enter into Gargle or Yoohoo to take me to my pages.  Kindly invented for me by a young lady called Kim.  I store numbers in my mobile phone in the international format (+44 …) even when I am never likely to call them from abroad.  So I suppose I must be a geowonk.
    • Geowonks generates too many false hits, so let us try scezune in Goohoo or Yargle. This word popped up as a Wikipedia title but was speedily deleted as "nonsense - zero google hits" before any search engine or Wikipedia clone had time to notice. The definition given was (spelling, etc. preserved):
      Scezune = spirit bound. The meaning is from a meso/babolonian legend that humans can be bound to spirits. now most of the magick comunity is bound to them and uses them as slaves to talk with other people from "the community". however alot of people become "schezune" from supernatural contact. alot of these people are mostly outcasts who do wierd "stuff" or considered freaks. most of the schezune life is sacred to healers and other canidates of leadership in the community.
      I am adding sgezune (G and Y searches) to create a family of 'sg' keywords: sgwords
  • Who I am not. A Google image search for rhaworth does not return as many hits as it used to but still a fair number relate to me. However I am not:
    Roger Haworth of Trinity House
    Roger Haworth of Trinity House of Deptford Strond
    Richard Haworth
    Arlington Heights, Illinois
    Richard Haworth
    The Haworth Association of America
    Wikipedia user Lupin who created this map …
    but I developed Template:GBthumb which does not demand a 180k byte image for every map. It is still in use in an hundred or so articles although it has now been superseded by a county-specific version as in Studland. The map is still in use over on the French Wikipédia as in Blackpool.

    Nor am I anything to do with the Haworth Press who publish such riveting reads as Cataloging & Classification Quarterly.

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