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2008 Dec 30
I set out on 2008 Dec 30 with a rather eclectic photographic agenda. For navigation I had nothing better than a small scale road atlas - though I had done my homework and found each location on streetmaps beforehand. I found my way to each location without hesitation, repetition or deviation and completed the agenda just in time before the light went. OK - no great achievement for a cab driver but it was satisfying nonetheless.
Talking of Leeds, after years of being ripped off by Vodaphone on a monthly contract for my mobile phone, I have recently switched to Asda pay-as-you-go and am saving a lot.
08C785 (1536x2048, 618.5Kb)
We found this tombstone of Jane Harrison quite by accident at SE 614 488 in Fulford Cemetery, York. When I found that she has a Wikipedia article, I just had to go back and photograph it.
08C834 (1536x2048, 573.1Kb)
My niece's house.
08C809 (2048x1536, 701.5Kb)
The York Road Library and public baths at SE 316 335 in York Road, Leeds. (Wikipedia article to be revived from user space once I have uploaded a photo or two.)
08C803 (1600x1200, 484.1Kb)
Tragic mementoes of a child killed near the York Road Library. (A very poor photo but some of the blobs are soft toys.) See how they record road deaths on Crete.
08C832 (2048x1536, 772.6Kb)
Headingley telephone exchange at SE 280 359 in Headingley Lane, Leeds opposite Bainbridge Road.
08C823 (2560x1920, 541.2Kb)
Carvings over the south door of the Church of St John the Baptist at SE 274 402 in Church Lane, Adel, Leeds. The dedication may be to the Baptist but that rather pigeon-like bird is the eagle used to represent John the Evangelist.
08C840 (2048x1536, 695.5Kb)
The bear pit at SE 280 355 in Cardigan Road, Headingley just south of Regency Court. This is all that is left of the Leeds Zoological and Botanical Gardens which closed in 1858. To see still-operating bear pits, (which were built a year before this pit closed) go to Bern, Schweiz.
08C718 (3648x2056, 1497.9Kb)
A couple of days earlier I had also successfully found my way to the The Whoop Hall inn at .SD 624 773 near Kirkby Lonsdale. When we drove past this when I was little, I made a point of maintaining a continuous "whoooop" for the length of the building.

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