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Madeira - 2009 Apr 20 - May 4

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EasyJet Flight EZY 8937 from Gatwick to Madeira
2009-04-20 08:19:13 Fr:094274 Sq:20081913
Over Brittany?
2009-04-20 08:57:57 Fr:094275 Sq:20085757
2009-04-20 09:03:12 Fr:094276 Sq:20090312
2009-04-20 09:07:13 Fr:094278 Sq:20090713
2009-04-20 09:37:00 Fr:094280 Sq:20093700
Roger reading
2009-04-20 10:36:37 Fr:094281 Sq:20103637
2009-04-20 10:37:44 Fr:094282 Sq:20103744
2009-04-20 10:43:30 Fr:094283 Sq:20104330
Ponta São Lourenço peninsula
2009-04-20 10:43:55 Fr:094284 Sq:20104355
2009-04-20 10:46:40 Fr:094285 Sq:20104640

2009-05-07 17:15:02 Fr:mad_iow Sq:201100
Madeira (top) and the Isle of Wight shown on the same scale. (Shameless rip-off from Google maps.) The official maps are the Carta Militar (needs Internet Explorer). See also our visit to Arran another island of comparable size
2009-05-29 20:15:00 Fr:crossec Sq:201102
top is a cross-section through Madeira from west to east.
2009-02-18 18:16:59 Fr:dh068816 Sq:201110
(Image ripped off from 068816.jpg found somewhere on the web.) ++++ Madeira, Easter 1999, a walking holiday can be linked from the postcard ++++ List of Arciprestados / Paróquias can be linked from somewhere

2009-04-22 14:48:29 Fr:094357 Sq:202144829
AIDAaura cruise ship
2009-04-22 14:49:09 Fr:094358 Sq:202144909
MS Independence of the Seas in Funchal harbour
2009-04-21 12:49:44 Fr:094292 Sq:21124944
2009-04-21 12:49:50 Fr:094293 Sq:21124950
2009-04-21 12:51:19 Fr:094294 Sq:21125119
2009-04-21 13:05:32 Fr:094296 Sq:21130532
2009-04-21 13:06:24 Fr:094297 Sq:21130540 2009-04-21 13:06:24 Fr:094297 Sq:21130540 2009-04-21 13:06:24 Fr:094297 Sq:21130540
Five hundred years of development of naval architecture. The vessel on the left is a (presumably full size) replica of the Santa María de la Inmaculada Concepción which was the largest (!) of the three ships used by Christopher Columbus in his first voyage across the Atlantic in 1492. It does half-day trips along the south coast
2009-04-21 14:49:12 Fr:094319 Sq:21130610
The old and the new - small fisherman and big ship
2009-04-21 14:49:42 Fr:094320 Sq:21130620
2009-04-21 14:49:12 Fr:094322 Sq:21130630
The upper part is a copy of this image which is linked to from this page about RMS Titanic. It has been scaled to match the Independence in size. Bear in mind that the red bits of the Titanic represent its 10.5 metre, below the water line draught. With a draught of only 8.8 metres and that towering superstructure the Independence seems awfully top-heavy.
Avenida das Comunidades Madeirenses
2009-04-21 13:02:20 Fr:094295 Sq:211309
looking east along the coast. Note how soon the cliffs begin.
2009-04-21 13:09:21 Fr:094298 Sq:21130921
looking east of Monte
2009-04-21 13:09:46 Fr:094299 Sq:21130946
2009-04-21 13:12:39 Fr:094300 Sq:21131239
2009-04-21 13:16:27 Fr:094301 Sq:21131627
2009-04-21 13:18:32 Fr:094302 Sq:21131832
2009-04-21 13:23:22 Fr:094304 Sq:21132322
2009-04-21 13:26:01 Fr:094305 Sq:21132601
2009-04-21 13:45:43 Fr:094306 Sq:21133
2009-04-21 14:52:58 Fr:094321 Sq:211501
looking east towards the fort
Mercado dos Lavoradores - link needed
2009-04-21 15:03:31 Fr:094323 Sq:21150331
The famous fish market was finished for the day when we arrived and was being cleaned up
2009-04-21 15:06:31 Fr:094324 Sq:21150631
The courtyard, where flowers, fruit, leather and other goods are sold
2009-04-21 15:08:48 Fr:094325 Sq:21150848
The Independence of the Seas dwarfs the buildings in Funchal
town centre
2009-04-21 15:11:20 Fr:094328 Sq:21151120
2009-04-21 15:14:03 Fr:094329 Sq:21151403
2009-04-21 15:14:56 Fr:094330 Sq:21151456
2009-04-21 15:21:55 Fr:094331 Sq:21152155
Jacaranda trees and bougainvilla
2009-04-21 15:23:21 Fr:094332 Sq:21152321
Homenagem a Bordeira - statue outside the Embroidery Museum
2009-04-21 15:23:54 Fr:094333 Sq:21152354
2009-04-21 15:35:20 Fr:094334 Sq:21153520
2009-04-21 15:52:58 Fr:094335 Sq:21155258
bougainvillea grows out across the wires over the ribeiro
2009-04-21 15:58:14 Fr:094336 Sq:21155814
Avenida Arriga?
2009-04-21 16:04:13 Fr:094337 Sq:21160413
The Jacaranda trees contrast well with the yellow taxis
2009-04-21 16:06:03 Fr:094338 Sq:21160603
2009-04-21 16:06:59 Fr:094339 Sq:21160659
Note the woman at extreme right taking a photograph. She appears in the same posture on the left of the previous!
2009-04-21 16:07:50 Fr:094340 Sq:21160750
Statue of João Gonçalves da Câmara de Lobos first captain of Funchal (wikipic of same statue)
2009-04-21 16:10:47 Fr:094341 Sq:21161047
Toyota showroom with traditional azulejos
2009-04-21 16:15:00 Fr:094342 Sq:21161500
2009-04-21 16:17:58 Fr:094343 Sq:21161758
near the Marina shopping centre
2009-04-21 16:18:17 Fr:094344 Sq:21161817
the Independence of the Seas seemed to be visible at the end of every street
2009-04-21 16:29:06 Fr:094345 Sq:21162906
Elisabeth of Bavaria. The flowers in her hand are real
2009-04-21 16:29:42 Fr:094346 Sq:21162942
2009-04-21 17:12:40 Fr:094347 Sq:21171240
2009-04-21 17:16:41 Fr:094348 Sq:21171641
2009-04-21 17:18:11 Fr:094349 Sq:21171811
Farewell to the Independence of the Seas
2009-04-21 17:20:32 Fr:094350 Sq:21172032
In the old town restaurant area
2009-04-21 17:21:37 Fr:094351 Sq:21172137
2009-04-21 17:50:00 Fr:094352 Sq:21175000
looking down on the Cimentos Madeira cement factory in Ribeira dos Socorridos
2009-04-21 17:50:12 Fr:094353 Sq:21175012
the three chimneys on the right are on the Central Térmica da Vitória - the thermal power station with 16 diesel generators. Despite all that water (and a bit of wind power), this station generates 60% of the island's electricity

Teleférico Funchal-Monte
Lower station
2009-04-21 13:58:14 Fr:094307 Sq:2117611358
2009-04-21 13:59:02 Fr:094308 Sq:2117611359
Looking up to Monte
2009-04-21 14:23:29 Fr:094314 Sq:2117611423
2009-04-21 14:24:58 Fr:094315 Sq:2117611424
Cacti are used to create a fence below the cars.
2009-04-22 14:59:51 Fr:094359 Sq:2117611427
Inside the base station
2009-04-22 13:54:25 Fr:094746 Sq:211761143
Close up of the cactus fence
2009-04-21 14:44:22 Fr:094318 Sq:211761444
When I saw this telephérique, I said "I bet that was built by Austrians" and sure enough it was. See Rancho for another by Doppelmayr
2009-04-21 14:18:39 Fr:094310 Sq:211761445
Me at ease. Teleférico in the background
The ascent
2009-04-22 15:03:56 Fr:094360 Sq:211762150356
Looking to the harbour with AIDAaura moored there
2009-04-22 15:04:50 Fr:094361 Sq:211762150450
2009-04-22 15:06:08 Fr:094364 Sq:211762150608
2009-04-22 15:07:29 Fr:094365 Sq:211762150612
Looking towards Monte
2009-04-22 15:12:00 Fr:094366 Sq:211762150620
Scaffold monkeys?
2009-04-22 15:27:01 Fr:094367 Sq:211762150624
2009-04-22 15:43:43 Fr:094368 Sq:211762150628
2016-09-25 12:28:37 Fr:FSA092 Sq:211765
In 2016 August there was an extensive wildfire here. Six weeks later Frank Ardley took this view from the telephérico. The hillside is totally bare. On the left we can see things like fridges scattered on the ground. Follow the maps link and look at Google StreetView to see the lush vegetation that was there before.

Cabo Girão
2009-04-21 17:53:43 Fr:094740 Sq:211803
Looking down to Ribeira Quinta Grande

Quinta Grande
2009-04-21 18:09:48 Fr:094742 Sq:21180948
Teleférico down cliff
2009-04-21 18:10:39 Fr:094743 Sq:21181039

Cruz da Caldeira
Miradouro Restaurant
2009-04-21 18:30:24 Fr:094744 Sq:21183024
looking towards Funchal
2009-04-21 18:55:22 Fr:094745 Sq:21185522
espetada is meat on a long skewer. It is brought to your table on the skewer and hung up. In this restaurant they have holes in the table and in the tablecloth to take the stand. Also visible in this picture is another Madeiran speciality milho frito - fried cornmeal cubes

Encosta Cabo Girão
2009-04-21 09:17:19 Fr:094287 Sq:22111719
looking down to the villas. The location means that the HPB site may be cool and in cloud when it is sunny in Funchal
2009-04-22 11:37:46 Fr:094354 Sq:22113746 2009-04-22 11:37:46 Fr:094354 Sq:22113746 2009-04-22 11:37:46 Fr:094354 Sq:22113746
the view from our bedroom window. Stayed in this unlikely article for all of four days until some mean-minded person said image removed - not in the UK, this article doesn't need photographs anyway.
2009-04-22 11:41:29 Fr:094355 Sq:22114129
from the clubhouse
2009-04-21 11:45:21 Fr:094288 Sq:22114521
2009-04-21 11:45:54 Fr:094289 Sq:22114554
2009-04-21 11:46:15 Fr:094290 Sq:22114615
HPB have created a path with an artificially tidy levada passing through the site. The real Levada do Norte runs nearby.
2009-04-21 11:57:37 Fr:094291 Sq:22115737
These tiny lizards scuttle over all the baclonies
2009-04-22 13:42:36 Fr:094356 Sq:22134236
HPB site at Encosta Cabo Girao

Jardim Tropical Monte Palace
2009-04-22 15:07:53 Fr:094747 Sq:22150753
Japanese garden
2009-04-22 15:09:03 Fr:094749 Sq:22150903
2009-04-22 15:09:31 Fr:094750 Sq:22150931
Lilies grow in profusion beneath these dramatic tree ferns
2009-04-22 15:10:59 Fr:094751 Sq:22151059
2009-04-22 15:57:31 Fr:094369 Sq:22155731
top of Japanese garden
2009-04-22 15:58:56 Fr:094370 Sq:22155856
2009-04-22 16:00:28 Fr:094371 Sq:22160028
2009-04-22 16:03:08 Fr:094373 Sq:22160308
Chinese warriors
2009-04-22 16:03:53 Fr:094374 Sq:22160353
2009-04-22 16:10:26 Fr:094375 Sq:22161026
2009-04-22 16:10:40 Fr:094752 Sq:22161040
Is this the Budai
2009-04-22 16:11:30 Fr:094753 Sq:22161130
Stepping stones
2009-04-22 16:14:01 Fr:094754 Sq:22161401
Roger in silhouette
2009-04-22 16:14:47 Fr:094755 Sq:22161447
2009-04-22 16:15:59 Fr:094757 Sq:22161559
Roger in the style of Caravaggio
2009-04-22 16:17:43 Fr:094758 Sq:22161743
Looking down through the garden towards Funchal
2009-04-22 16:24:01 Fr:094759 Sq:22162401
Nymphs in alcoves
2009-04-22 16:24:13 Fr:094760 Sq:22162413
2009-04-22 16:26:34 Fr:094376 Sq:22162634
2009-04-22 16:26:50 Fr:094377 Sq:22162650
2009-04-22 16:27:24 Fr:094378 Sq:22162724
1990-01-01 01:00:00 Fr:65706442 Sq:221629
(Image ripped off from somewhere on the web.)
2009-04-22 16:29:44 Fr:094379 Sq:22162944 2009-04-22 16:29:44 Fr:094379 Sq:22162944 2009-04-22 16:29:44 Fr:094379 Sq:22162944
2009-04-22 16:31:56 Fr:094381 Sq:22163120
The tallest vase in the world according to the 1992 Guinness Book of Records. 5345 mm high. Now beaten by a clay pot in Taiwan.
2009-04-22 16:31:09 Fr:094380 Sq:22163140
Aberdeen Sandra also went to Madeira see bottom of this page and other pages.
2009-04-22 16:32:19 Fr:094382 Sq:22163160
2009-04-22 16:36:03 Fr:094384 Sq:22163603
There seem to be very few dogs in Madeira and most of those we saw were asleep
2009-04-22 16:57:28 Fr:094385 Sq:22165728
2009-04-22 17:00:48 Fr:094761 Sq:22170048f
Canna lilies
2009-04-22 17:01:07 Fr:094762 Sq:22170107g
2009-04-22 17:04:09 Fr:094388 Sq:22170409
Spot the frogs! Who definitely knew the croaking chorus!
2009-04-22 17:04:54 Fr:094764 Sq:22170454
Koi carp ponds
2009-04-22 17:06:36 Fr:094765 Sq:22170636
2009-04-22 17:08:36 Fr:094389 Sq:22170836
2009-04-22 17:08:52 Fr:094766 Sq:22170852
2009-04-22 17:09:11 Fr:094767 Sq:22170911
2009-04-22 17:09:54 Fr:094768 Sq:22170954
2009-04-22 17:13:08 Fr:094390 Sq:22171308
2009-04-22 17:23:17 Fr:094769 Sq:22172317
2009-04-22 17:23:52 Fr:094770 Sq:22172352
2009-04-22 17:25:05 Fr:094771 Sq:22172505
2009-04-22 17:25:44 Fr:094772 Sq:22172544
Ancient olive tree and lavender


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