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Pembrokeshire and Ireland - 2014 June and July

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St Brides Castle
2014-06-28 09:29:52 Fr:146273 Sq:28092952
2014-06-28 09:30:22 Fr:146274 Sq:28093022
2014-06-28 09:33:08 Fr:146275 Sq:28093308
2014-06-28 09:34:04 Fr:146276 Sq:28093404
2014-06-28 09:34:29 Fr:146278 Sq:28093429
2014-06-28 09:36:56 Fr:146279 Sq:28093656
2014-06-28 20:18:25 Fr:146r90 Sq:281002
2014-06-28 21:13:57 Fr:146316 Sq:281003
2014-06-26 19:41:22 Fr:146r49 Sq:281006

Puffin Shuttle
2014-06-28 11:14:44 Fr:146280 Sq:28111444
2014-06-28 11:17:17 Fr:146281 Sq:28111717
The Puffin Shuttle zooms along these narrow Pembrokeshire lanes with great confidence. But the driver did slow down for these runners
2014-06-28 17:37:44 Fr:146314 Sq:281120
Usually it is other vehicles that have to reverse to get by


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