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At 1.1.257 Titus to Marcius omits "follow Cominius; we must follow you". In 2.2, Second Officer's speech including "without any further deed to have them at all" the "all," is replaced by "an".
3.1.384 "the service of the foot …" - other editors give this speech to Sicinius but the First Folio gives it to Menenius and I prefer that reading because it continues his body similie in 1.1
In the scene description for 5.2 "two sentinels on guard" appears as though it were a speech.
Moby only: to save confusion First and Second Senator have been changed to First Roman Senator, Second Volscian Senator, etc. and in 5.2 the senators (the editor should have called them sentinels) have been changed to guards.