Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Local reader's version correcting the issues in the MIT version listed below
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In one place where Marcellus and Bernardo speak together and numerous places where Rosenstern and Guildencrantz do the same the character names do not convert prettily in the local version.
At 1.4.5 "no, it is struck" attributed to Hamlet instead of Marcellus.
Circa 3.2.46 beginning with "… keep one suit of jests" are about fifteen lines which do not appear in First Folio but which this page attributes to the quarto of 1603.
At the end of 4.1 there are four lines beginning "so haply slander" which do not appear in the First Folio but which some editions add. The MIT version omits them, Moby has them but misplaces the closing ] .
At 4.3.29 three lines including "a man may fish with the worm" are not in the First Folio.