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Coal and Wine Tax posts - Northern

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032281 Post 11,  TQ 445 984
At the point where Debden Lane, Loughton becomes Loughton Lane, Theydon Bois.
Opposite an house called "The Boundary".
The retro-reflective sign in the right hand picture says Theydon Bois
037146 Post 12,  TQ 432 994
South side of Coppice Row, Epping
N of Jacks Hill, 500 yards E of the "Wake Arms"
Bench mark on the top
033035 Post 13,  TL 437 004
Epping Road, Epping
about 500 metres SW of the Bell Common Tunnel

Obelisk 20,  TL 372 050
Wormley. Beside the Lea Navigation near King's Weir Bridge. Bench Mark.

In the first picture the Navigation is between the stone and the pole visible in the background.
035025 035024 035023

Obelisk 21,  TL 370 051
Slipe Lane, Wormley. On east side of the railway line.
Described in ?1966 as "lying in several pieces on the ground. The inscription not identifiable."
Now re-erected, top foot or so of height missing but crest, inscription (14 & 15 VIC. C 146) and Bench Mark all clearly visible.

(The photos of this obelisk and the canal stone above were taken at dawn on May Day morning while the light was a bit too weak for my camera.)

At the Brookmans Park site:
Posts 20 - 24
Post  25
not a Tax Post
Posts 26 & 27
Posts 28 - 30
Obelisk  31
Posts 33 - 36
Newgate Street
Potters Bar
Colney Heath

035128 035129 Post 37,  TL 182 037
High Street, London Colney
Just north west of the bridge over the River Colne
The entry at Historic England has a photo dated 2001 which shows distinct evidence of a plate over the “24 Vict” having been removed.

035125 Post 38,  TL 175 032
Shenley Lane, London Colney
South side of Broad Colney Bridge

035120 035121 Post 39,  TL 173 023
Harper Lane, Shenley
Outside No. 108 The Lodge and near Harperbury Hospital
035123   Post 40,  TL 174 025
Harper Lane, Shenley
Outside No. 67
035122 Harper Lane, Shenley
Midway between these two Tax Posts. Just a post to announce that this is No. 100 but nice echoes of Tax Posts.
Cab drivers on night shift wish that all houses showed their numbers as clearly as this.

035118 Post 43,  TL 160 007
Watling Street, Radlett
East side of road, opposite Kitswell Way, south of the culvert for a stream and half a mile north of the station
035119 Post 44,  TL 162 000
Watling Street, Radlett
West side of road, 100 yards north of Park Road, beside Radlett United Synagogue

043093 Posts 47 & 48,  TQ 110 964
At either end of an alley between
←  New Street  and  High Street  →

The other post can be seen in the background of each of these pictures.
No descriptive signs of any sort.  No indication that these posts are not in their original positions - compare with the careful notice on Post 98 that it has been moved just two metres.

034157 Post 58,  TQ 059 922
Rickmansworth Road, Harefield at the point where it becomes Harefield Road, Rickmansworth. 
Just on to the Hertfordshire side of the county boundary - a 'Welcome to Hillingdon' sign can be seen on the right of this photo.
More pictures of this post in daylight and showing before- and after-restoration states

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