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Coal and Wine Tax posts - Elmbridge

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033246 033244 Post 94,  TQ 095 664
Bridge Street, Walton on Thames
Approach to Walton Bridge

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036178 036179 036180
Obelisk 102,  TQ 140 658
North side of railway beside No 100 Douglas Road, Esher
Opposite junction with Blair Avenue
Post 103,  TQ 139 657
South side of Lower Green Road, Esher
Opposite Lower Green Open Space and railway bridge leading to Douglas Road
Post 104,  TQ 145 653
North side of Portsmouth Road, Esher
600 yards west of the Scilly Isles, almost built into "The Toll House"

  033212 Marked on map 109,  TQ 141 622  
Copsem Lane, Oxshott
Corner of The Rythe private road, south of Esher Common Roundabout

033250 033249 Marked on map 110,  TQ 140 618
Copsem Lane, Oxshott
junction with Sandy Lane and Warren Lane

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