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Coal and Wine Tax posts - Epsom

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036022 Post 115,  TQ 166 600
W side of Kingston Road, Leatherhead at the point where it becomes Leatherhead Road, Malden Rushett outside "The Star"

  033257 Post 118, TQ 183 612
Christ Church Road (thus on maps but Christchurch Road on road name signs), Epsom. North side of road in Stew Pond Valley about 200 yards east of Post 119.
Half buried and becoming rusty.
033253 Post 119, TQ 182 612
At the point where Christ Church Road, Epsom becomes Rushett Lane, Malden Rushett.
South side of road outside Glanmire Farm. 

036039 036038 Post 122,  TQ 194 594
North side of Dorking Road,Epsom
at the point where it becomes Epsom Road, Ashtead

034011 Post 125,  TQ 201 574 Headley Road, Epsom
junction with Langley Vale Road and Downs Road
036202 Post 128,  TQ 219 577
20 yards east of Walton Road (bridleway) on Epsom Downs
in clearing, 150 yards north of junction with Old London Road (bridleway)
In need of re-painting

036200 036201 Marked on map 129,  TQ 221 578
West side of Old London Road, Epsom Downs
by its southern crossing of Race Course.
The inscription faces into a thorn bush but it has still been carefully repainted.
From this post the next three posts on the list are all visible:

036175 036174
Marked on map 130,  TQ 223 581    East side of Old London Road by the 5 furlong post of Epsom Downs Racecourse.
Post 131 can be seen in the background of the left photo.
The stumps of the bolts which held the correction plate in place have each
received a dab of black paint as though they were part of the inscription.
(Furlong and florin are two words which sadly are dropping out of the language.  Both are still valid and both were part of attempts to decimalise the Imperial system of measures.  1 furlong = 10 chains = 1000 links.  Also, the furlong is conveniently close to 200 metres - 201.168 metres to be precise.)

036172 Post 131,  TQ 224 581
E side of Epsom Lane North, Tattenham Corner, 100 yards S of Tattenham Crescent, on a grassy knoll.
The grandstands of Epsom Racecourse can be seen in the background of this picture.
The post may have been moved a few yards further from the road when this area was tidied in 1994 after a train driver fell asleep and damaged the old station.
  034013 Post 132, TQ 225 584
Outside the Tattenham Corner Public House

034014 Post 133, TQ 226 578
Epsom Lane North, Tadworth
outside No. 100

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