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Coal and Wine Tax posts - Reigate and Banstead

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Post 135,  TQ 226 560
South side of Motts Hill Lane, Tadworth. 100 yards west of The Avenue behind a fence
Post 136,  TQ 226 558
West side of footpath at a branch in the path, 150 yards south of Motts Hill Lane, Tadworth. The path continues south past The Bell public house to Withybed Corner.

Post 137,  TQ 227 553
West side of Deans Lane, Walton on the Hill. Near the junction with The Street and beside the entrance to Deans Close.
This view is looking northwest from the post and shows the Mere Pond with swans on it.
Post 138,  TQ 228 552
West side of Deans Lane, Walton on the Hill in garden of "The Rise".
The occupiers of this house, showing a proper respect for the City's crest, have put a dip in the wall to enable it to be seen. (Compare with the way Post 136, above is totally ignored.)

Post 139,  TQ 229 551
East end of Chucks Lane, Walton on the Hill, on edge of Banstead Heath
Post 140,  TQ 230 548
Southeast side of Dorking Road, Walton on the Hill, 400 yards northeast of the junction with Deans Lane

Post 141,  TQ 231 547
100 yards southeast of Post 140 on Walton Heath
Post 142,  TQ 232 546
150 yards southeast of Post 141 on Walton Heath. Nail says "beside sheds". Sheds have gone.
This view is looking southwest across the golf course


The view from near Post 152

036157 036156 Post 155,  TQ 243 552
East side of Brighton Road, Kingswood
100 yards south of Birch Grove

035209 035211 Post 159,  TQ 272 579
Outwood Lane, Chipstead
Opposite Stagbury House

036035 Post 160,  TQ 275 578
Hazelwood Lane, Chipstead
At the junction with Bridgeway and Stagbury Close

Post 161,  TQ 279 578
W side of How Lane, Chipstead
opposite Yew Tree Close
Almost buried in the undergrowth. 
The squiggles in the photo are spots of daylight plus camera shake.

035139 035140 035141 Post 162,  TQ 286 580
At the junction of Coulsdon Lane, Hollymeoak Road, Portnalls Road, Rickman Hill Road and Hollymead Road, Chipstead
036029 Jigsaw
Try this image as a jigsaw

033270 Post 163,  TQ 291 576
Brighton Road, Hooley
East side of road about 150 yards north of the present boundary between Croydon and Reigate & Banstead.
Very dirty because this is a very busy road and very difficult to spot when the trees are in leaf.

035033 035034 037015
Brighton Road, Hooley.  Modern boundary signs situated between the two Tax Posts in the Brighton Road.
The middle one is almost as cryptic as a Tax Post:   HA = Highways Agency   TfL = Transport for London

035136 Post 164,  TQ 289 568
Brighton Road, Hooley
Corner of Netherne Drive, beside Star Bridge.

Not found!   Obelisk 165,  TQ 289 567
The western of two ... The eastern of two ... ... cuttings at this point
037013 037012 Looking south from Star Bridge (Netherne Drive)
037017 037018 Looking north from Forge Bridge
'West side of Redhill railway line at Hooley, 100 yards south of Star Bridge' [CoL]
The Corporation of London page singles out this Obelisk for mention as 'inaccessible except by rail'. But in fact you get a clear view of this part of the track from Star Bridge or Forge Bridge, 300 yards further south.
I would expect to see the Obelisk in both the left hand pictures above but I have looked very carefully and cannot see any sign of it.

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