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Coal and Wine Tax posts - Tandridge

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035212 035213 Post 169,  TQ 338 583
Whyteleafe Hill, Whyteleafe
50 yards east of the junction with Hornchurch Hill

This view from Church Road is about the best you can legally get.
More images
n170_078 Obelisk 170,  TQ 340 581
Behind No 376 Godstone Road, Whyteleafe
Sit on the right hand side of the train from Caterham to East Croydon and hope that it will not go too fast between Whyteleafe South and Whyteleafe.
Or find the allotments in Church Road, 300 yards S of Whyteleafe Hill, walk through them towards the railway and look to your right.

036043 036044 036045 Post 171,  TQ 341 580
W side of Godstone Road, Whyteleafe
300 yards north of Salmons Lane, outside No. 376
The original inscription has been carved out to a depth of about 5 mm. As a result of this and/or subsequent rust, there is a hole right through to the inside.
I have a private theory that the curious defacement of the inscription on this post was a political protest contemporary with the erection of the post. Caterham lay and still lies outside the Metropolitan Police District but the only practical way to bring coal into Caterham in 1861 was by the railway via Caterham Junction station. Since this lay firmly within the Metropolitan Police District, presumably the tax was payable.

036046 Post 172,  TQ 344 577
Well Farm Road, Whytelefe
100 yards from Godstone Road
Not found!

At both of these locations there may be a post hiding among all that lush vegetation but I have looked very hard and could not see either of them

036048 Post 173,  TQ 353 570
Stuart Road, Whytelefe
100 yards from Woldingham Road
Viewed from Post 174

035037 033023 Post 174,  TQ 354 570
Woldingham Road, Whytelefe
junction of Stuart Road

Makers mark on front and rear of the base

033024 035038 035039 035040

036025 036026 036049 Post 175,  TQ 358 577
Bug Hill, Woldingham outside "Halliloo House"

033025 Post 176,  TQ 364 582
Limpsfield Road, Warlingham outside Sainsbury's supermarket.

A plaque in front of the post has been removed by vandals but thanks to Alan C Edwards we can deduce what it said:
In 1994 the site of Chelsham Bus Garage was being re-developed as a Sainsbury's supermarket.
On 1994 January 24, Monday this post was removed from its original position at the SW corner of the junction of Limpsfield Road and Chelsham Road to make room for a roundabout large enough allow articulated lorries to enter Sainsbury's delivery bay.
On 1994 July 27, Wednesday the post was re-erected at the corner of the new pedestrian walkway between the bus layby and the entrance to the supermarket.

bsr1963s The post in its original position
Bourne Society Bulletin No. 7,  August 1957
The item in Bulletin No. 6 on this subject produced a good deal of information from a number of members.  One or two queries are now being investigated and it is hoped to publish a supplement to the next issue of the Bulletin giving a complete list of the posts, or the sites of posts, which are situated within our area.
One thing that should be put right immediately is the statement made in the last issue as to the total number of posts erected around London.  The figure quoted was l,700, which was taken in good faith from a newspaper cutting on the subject, but many members have written in to say that 200-250 is much nearer the mark, and their information is supported by contemporary evidence.
Whoever captioned the above picture clearly had not read this or they would not have repeated the figure of 1700.

033027   Post 177,  TQ 366 584
Sunny Bank, Warlingham
junction of Chelsham Road

The spots on this picture are, I believe, fog

  032168   Post 178,  TQ 371 591
Harrow Road, Warlingham
junction of Chelsham Road

036027 Post 179,  TQ 365 597
East side of Old Farleigh Road, Farleigh just north of "The Harrow"
036050 Post 180,  TQ 368 596
North end of Daniels Lane, Farleigh at edge of Little Park Wood

05c146 Post 181,  TQ 382 602
On the edge of Little Farleigh Green on footpath to Fickleshole. About 200 yards NW of the point where Farleigh Court Road becomes Scotshall Lane.

Lorna van Zee's image at GeoGraph. Note the discussion.
My image at GeoGraph.
Two more images.

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