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Fotopic test

  • p46910227.html - page with medium sized image plus "previous" and "next" thumbnails. Contains a list of all previous and one next p-numbers as a comment.
  • 227046000910.jpg - thumbnail. Name based on a scrambling of the p number. Max dimension 120 px.
  • medium sized image
  • full size, "q70" image as linked to from the p… page
  • yqwg5u.jpg - original image. This not the original and in fact, in this case, it it smaller than the original and smaller than the q70 image
  • See also these notes.

Big Desc Halton

b | d |

ismap uzzle

medium | big |

Utterly weird! Why does the Pearse object above fall down in Firefox? But when we add an earlier instance inside a <div>, then the totally unchanged object starts to work!


055327.jpgPhotobucket was one of the image hosting sites I looked at following the apparent permanent demise of fotopic. I rapidly rejected it for: nauseating, flashing, jiggling adverts, print sales only in USA, etc. I am using it to host just this image.





All "wikilink" formats have htmlspecialchars() applied to the link proper, eg. & is converted to &amp;, but not to any piped portion. Straight HTML can also be used in descriptions but it is output exactly as is.
example makes notes
[http[ levada]levadaany external link with target="_blank". For this type the link/pipe boundary is space. All others use |
[[:lc:[[:pt:levada]]levadaWikipedia links - lc = language code
[[commons:[[commons:File:Santa Cruz 257.jpg|Santa Cruz]]Santa CruzCommons link
[[*[[*../madeira/madecd.php#senhora|Senhoras]]Senhorasany link - assumed "internal", ie. no target="_blank"
[[[[095607|Paúl de Serra]]Paúl de Serralink internal to this gallery - uses global $gl_row['wl_pref'] which, for this example is set to '../phots/rwhgal1.php?g=ma&fmt=g&from='
[[#[[#TQ8787 160]]TQ 87 87 bearing 160°Grid Ref. - taken from .. on bearing ..
[[#[[#SK14858260]]SK 1485 8260Grid Ref. - 8 figure no bearing
[[#[[#SK128835|Shivering Mountain]]Shivering MountainGrid Ref. - piped
[[%[[%60.447207 22.275692]]mapsLat/long - decimal degrees only
[[%[[%52.151305 -10.477368 region:IE|Clogher Head]]Clogher HeadLat/long - three params and piped

Geograph API help

I keep losing the page which describes the APIs for Geograph. It is:

Updating Geograph and uploads tables with Geograph images

which have not been uploaded by RWH

Remote use of 110MB images

Described remotely for obvious reasons.

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