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Wedding of George and Maria
2019-05-01 14:19:06 Fr:195348 Sq:01141906
George P. Haworth and Maria C. Rujea got married on 2019 May 01 in Croydon Registry Office
2019-05-01 14:34:42 Fr:195351 Sq:01143442
2019-05-01 14:36:41 Fr:195352 Sq:01143641
2019-05-01 14:41:42 Fr:195356 Sq:01144142
2019-05-01 14:45:07 Fr:195357x Sq:01144507
George and Maria embracing outside Croydon Quaker Meeting House where George's parents Roger W. Haworth and Lesley J. Webster were married forty years earlier

2016-10-02 16:36:18 Fr:16AT46 Sq:02163618
2016-10-02 17:26:08 Fr:16AT47 Sq:02172608
2016-10-02 17:26:31 Fr:16AT48 Sq:02172631
2016-10-02 17:30:14 Fr:16AT49 Sq:02173014
2016-10-02 17:32:51 Fr:16AT50 Sq:02173251
2016-10-02 17:37:12 Fr:16AT51 Sq:02173712

King’s Cross St Pancras
2016-10-07 12:07:11 Fr:16AT54 Sq:07120711
Which way to British Rail trains?

Houghton to St Ives, Cambridgeshire
2016-10-07 14:32:18 Fr:TL2872_T56 Sq:07143218
2016-10-07 14:39:13 Fr:TL2871_T57 Sq:07143913
2016-10-07 14:42:44 Fr:TL2871_T58 Sq:07144244
2016-10-07 15:03:59 Fr:TL2871_T60 Sq:07150359
2016-10-07 15:18:26 Fr:TL2871_T61 Sq:07151826
2016-10-07 15:37:08 Fr:TL2871_T62 Sq:07153708
2016-10-07 15:37:23 Fr:TL2871_T63 Sq:07153723

2016 Nov 08
2012-07-23 14:27:33 Fr:127726xt Sq:102
Brian Skeet mysteriously transported to Cannery Row, Monterey, California.
On 2016 Nov 08 California voters were asked a much more important question than "who should be president": "should plastic bags be banned in California". They agreed that they should be banned.
But presumably people who already have bags will be allowed to keep them.
2019-10-12 12:17:23 Fr:19A031 Sq:12121723
2017-02-03 16:30:56 Fr:104239 Sq:150
But far more important than than the election of an improbable president was what happened next morning - the first fatal tram accident in the UK since 1959. Sending shivers down the spine in our family because we have all travelled in a tram along that particular bit of track. (Photo by Jim Bennett ripped off from this page in The Sun.)

Nag’s Head, Abingdon - 2017 Aug 15
Images mainly by Dave Urry - 178Uxx and Ian Spence - 178Ixx
2017-08-15 15:55:48 Fr:178U30 Sq:15155548
2017-08-15 16:26:30 Fr:178U32 Sq:15162630
2017-08-15 16:26:39 Fr:178U34 Sq:15162639
2017-08-15 15:42:35 Fr:178I85 Sq:15164235
2017-08-15 15:42:42 Fr:178I86 Sq:15164242
2017-08-15 15:42:53 Fr:178I87 Sq:15164253
Ian has his camera set to a ridiculous 14M pixels resolution but it does mean that we can extract the centre of this image and produce this usable image:
2017-08-15 15:42:53 Fr:178I87x Sq:15164254
2017-07-30 18:15:57 Fr:177T01 Sq:151655
We did see an heron on this outing but this one is actually beside one of the Carshalton Ponds
2017-08-15 17:32:38 Fr:178U38 Sq:15173238
2016-07-16 14:15:36 Fr:FSA023 Sq:1518
This, by F. S. Ardley, is our 2016 Jul 16 trip
2021-06-19 11:04:28 Fr:216336 Sq:19110428

Margaret Thomas funeral
2018-02-28 10:53:09 Fr:182214 Sq:20105309
2018-03-02 14:23:19 Fr:183S20 Sq:20142319
2018-03-02 14:44:48 Fr:183S21 Sq:20144448
2018-03-02 14:45:53 Fr:183S22 Sq:20144553
2018-03-02 14:46:02 Fr:183S24 Sq:20144602
2020-09-10 15:25:39 Fr:209S754n Sq:2015

The North - 2018 April
For more pictures from this trip see this album.
2018-04-19 13:00:52 Fr:184144 Sq:21130052
Eric Morecambe (left) and me on the sea front in Morecambe with the Lake District fells behind. See my comment here: “14 out of 15 of these images give a false impression of the statue - it shown all alone!”.
2011-04-19 08:22:13 Fr:2435230 Sq:2113008
Another statue which invites audience participation is this one of Tsar Peter the Great in Deptford with an empty chair on the right. See Jack on his throne and numerous photos in Google maps. (Not my image - taken from here on Geograph, which see for licence terms and interesting history.)
2018-04-19 12:54:03 Fr:184137 Sq:211301
Me paddling in Morecambe Bay.
2018-04-19 15:55:17 Fr:184178 Sq:211302
My sister and I own two fields in Kendal - our parents built their house in a corner of one of them. In my youth I liked to come out and build dams across this stream which runs through the fields.
2018-04-19 14:46:52 Fr:184160 Sq:21144652
When I was there the building hiding behind the trees in the middle of this photo was called Kendal Grammar School - it is now called Kirkbie Kendal School and describes itself as a co-ed academy for 11-18 year olds.
The bridge in the foreground is the Romney Road bridge but when I was at school there was a pedestrian suspension bridge at this point. That bridge is now the …
2018-04-19 15:23:27 Fr:184166 Sq:21152327
Dockwray Footbridge
The bridge was erected in 1993 on the initiative of Kendal Civic Society. It incorporates part of the structure of the former Romney Footbridge, erected in 1907, and is intended to provide access from west Kendal to the Mintsfeet Industrial Estate and to the schools east of the River Kent.
The bridge was funded and erected by Cumbria County Council with substantial financial assistance from South Lakeland District Council, Kendal Civic Society Building Preservation Trust, Kendal Town Council, the Frieda Scott Trust, the Brian Lancaster Trust, the Pilgrim Trust and from business and private donations.
Kendal Civic Society
2018-04-19 15:32:11 Fr:184173 Sq:211525
When I was at school, having paid close attention in Jake Stobbs’ Physics lessons, I realized that quite limited excitation if applied at the natural frequency of the bridge could get it to swing strongly and I demonstrated it.
Fifty years on, it was the highlight of my day to find that nothing had changed …
2018-04-19 15:27:12 Fr:184170 Sq:21152712
The Millennium Bridge, London opened and closed the same day because it was wobbling. But I bet at its worst, it did not wobble as much as the Dockwray Bridge.
Coming away from the Reading Beer festival, Brian Skeet and I discovered this new bridge. It is much stiffer than the Dockwray bridge but with a bit of effort, I was able to induce a noticeable swing.
I have found Nicolae Romanescu Park in Craiova, Romania which has what they call a "suspended bridge". I hope to visit it and check how much it swings.
And of course the ultimate in wobbly bridges is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge which opened in 1940 and wobbled itself to destruction in the same year.
2020-08-28 19:51:37 Fr:208S61 Sq:2202
2018-04-18 13:14:14 Fr:184136 Sq:2204
2019-07-24 10:18:50 Fr:img_1714 Sq:24101850


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