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United States - 2012 July

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July 11
2012-07-11 20:25:26 Fr:127004 Sq:11202526
Our plane on arrival at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). We had to queue for 90 minutes to get through immigration but at least our ESTAs (visa substitute for people from more prosperous countries) worked and once we got to the desk, we were handled quickly.
Timestamp error
For anyone interested in fine detail, note that I forgot to change the date in my camera so the timestamps on this image and all those of July 12 and 13 are +5 hours more than actual local time.

Wikimania 2012
2012-07-12 14:09:54 Fr:127005 Sq:12140954
2012-07-12 14:10:23 Fr:127006 Sq:12141023
2012-07-12 14:16:19 Fr:127007 Sq:12141619
2012-07-12 14:27:53 Fr:127008 Sq:12142753
2012-07-12 15:24:55 Fr:127010 Sq:12152455
2012-07-12 15:27:46 Fr:127012 Sq:12152746
July 14
2012-07-14 12:12:29 Fr:127100 Sq:12161229
User:Courcelles about the only Wikipedian I identified apart from those I knew from London wikimeets.
2012-07-14 13:52:47 Fr:127101 Sq:12165247
2012-07-14 14:01:13 Fr:127102 Sq:12170113
2012-07-14 14:06:27 Fr:127103 Sq:12170627


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