Coal and Wine Tax Posts

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These posts are to be found in a ring around London at about fifteen miles from the City of London.
They were erected under the London Coal and Wine Duties Continuance Act, 1861.

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Details of the history, types, etc. of these posts are not given here because they are already well written up at:

[CoL]   City of London site
[Elm]   Elmbridge site
[Bro]   Hertfordshire site - Brookmans Park
  Public Monument and Sculpture Association - see below also

Wonderful!  Maps that mark the posts:
OMlogo   Old Maps site
Some of these maps have already been marked up and copied to the maps page here

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Photo policy

A collection consisting of nothing but full frontal photos of Tax Posts would be very boring. (Some will say that any collection of Tax Post photos is boring.) Anyway, wherever possible I like to include distracting foreground and background detail in my pictures.

My mother always accused me of making my subjects 'dots in the distance'. Thus this one in Woldingham Road - edited to show where the Post is. In the original the Tax Post is a full 4x20 pixels. Isn't that big enough?

If a photo caption disagrees with the description in the list then the latter should be taken as the correct version.


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