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No. T2 OT  OS Grid Ref   Village Location
1 2d TQ 509 873 W side of Dagenham Road, 100 yards S of Rush Green Rd
2 2 TQ 498 871 S side of Wood Lane/Rush Green Road W of bridge over culverted stream
3 4a TQ 490 878 Chadwell Heath N side of railway behind No 332 Crow Lane
4 2d TQ 489 882 Chadwell Heath S side of London Road, Romford outside No 403 at the point where the road becomes High Road, Chadwell Heath
5 2d TQ 485 887 E side of Whalebone Lane 400 yards S of Eastern Avenue. Now moved to:
TQ 480 865 Outside Valence House
6 2 TQ 488 907 Collier Row In hedge a few yards S of Collier Row Road in grounds of "Sungate House"
7 2d TQ 489 911 Collier Row S side of Hog Hill Road opposite No 70
8 2* TQ 473 938 N side of Manor Road outside "Sheepcotes"
9 2c TQ 459 963 S side of Abridge Road opposite "The Chase"
10 4c TQ 452 977 SE side of Central Line (formerly the Loughton and Ongar Branch of the Great Eastern Railway) 1500 yards S of Theydon Bois Station
11 2d TQ 446 984 Theydon Bois R N side of Debden Lane, Loughton at the point where it becomes Loughton Lane, Theydon Bois, opposite an house called "The Boundary"
12 2c TQ 432 994 Epping R S side of Coppice Row, N of Jacks Hill, 500 yards E of the "Wake Arms"
13 2c TL 437 004 Epping R E side of Epping Road (B1393 formerly A11) by Ambresbury Banks, about 800 yards SW of the Bell Common Tunnel and 1 mile N of the "Wake Arms"
14 2f TL 408 044 NE end of Galley Hill Green, 600 yards from Bumbles Green
15 2g TL 406 049 S side of Waltham Road, 350 yards from Bumbles Green
16 2c TL 393 040 At junction of St. Leonards Road and Waltham Road
17 2g TL 392 043 S side of Colemans Lane at junction with St. Leonards Rd
18 2g TL 389 044 S side of Colemans Lane 300 yards W of St. Leonards Rd
19 2f TL 388 044 S side of Colemans Lane 50 yards W of "Valley View"
Broxbourne / East Herts
20 1 TL 373 050 Wormley R W side of Lea Navigation 50 yards S of King's Weir Bridge. Bench Mark
21 4c TL 369 051 Wormley R E side of the railway line, N side of Slipe Lane by level crossing
22 2* TL 365 052 Turnford E side of High Road, Turnford, outside No 137, 'behind a brick pillar box' [Bro]
23 2c TL 343 058 Wormley B E side of Holy Cross Hill, 400 yards N of junction with Beaumont Road, '? opposite Paradise Piggeries Picnic Place' [RWH]
24 2h TL 323 058 Wormley Wood B In Wormley Wood, 800 yards NNW of Tanfield Farm, just N of the lake
25 2c TL 308 046 Newgate Street B S side of Darnicle Hill, Hammond Street at the point where it becomes Newgate Street Village, next to bridge over stream and E of railway bridge over the road
- ? TL 300 042 Newgate Street b 800 yards S of Newgate Street and N of Carbone Hill. [Looked for by Bro but not found. Not listed by [Nail]]
26 2* TL 271 034 Northaw B N side of The Ridgeway at the junction with Shepherds Way and Well Road
27 2c TL 270 032 Northaw B W side of Well Road by entrance to Queenswood School
28 2c TL 261 021 Potters Bar B W side of Hatfield Road, 50 yards S of Church Road
29 2c TL 260 021 Potters Bar B S side of Church Road, 50 yards W of Hatfield Road
30 2* TL 257 024 Potters Bar B N side of Heath Road, 100 yards W of Osborne Road
31 4c TL 243 027 Hawkshead B E side of railway, 400 yards S of Hawkshead Bridge. Appears on the two and a half inch Ordnance Survey Map 1898 as the Duty Stone
32 2c TL 230 032 North Mymms W side of Warrengate Road at junction with Hawkshead Lane
33 2c TL 206 049 Colney Heath B E side of Coursers Road at bend near Coursers Farm. Bench mark
34 2a** TL 206 058 Colney Heath B N side of Coursers Road, 50 yards W of junction with High Street and Tollgate Road
35 2a TL 206 058 Colney Heath B Few yards S of High Street, Colney Heath opposite "The Cock"
36 2z TL 199 059 Colney Heath B N bank of the River Colne, 50 yards E of Church Lane.   (The most N post)
37 2* TL 182 037 London Colney R W side of High Street, just NW of the bridge over the River Colne
38 2c TL 176 032 London Colney R E side of Shenley Lane, S end of Broad Colney bridge
39 2 TL 172 023 Shenley R N side of Harper Lane, outside No 108, "The Lodge" and 200 yards N of Harperbury Hospital
40 2c TL 174 025 Shenley R S side of Harper Lane, outside No 67 and 300 yards NE of previous post
41 2e TL 176 014 Shenley 400 yards W of Harperbury Hospital Farm (Wild Farm [Bro]) in hedgerow 50 yards S of footpath leading to Shenleybury
42 5 TL 161 007 Radlett W side of railway, behind the post below, half way down the embankment, rusty and overgrown
43 2c TL 160 007 Radlett R E side of Watling Street, opposite Kitswell Way, S of the culvert for a stream and 50 yards N of a footpath under the railway leading to The Avenue
44 2c TL 163 001 Radlett R W side of Watling Street, 100 yards N of Park Road, beside Radlett United Synagogue, outside No 24 and opposite No 179
? TQ 163 995 Radlett - 'High Street, alongside Messrs Wright and Mills' [Bro]  Not found. Probably the one above but with bad Grid Ref and description
- ? TQ 151 939 Bushey Heath High Street about 20 yards SE of the junction with Hartsbourne Road [RWH from maps];  On the A4140 [Bro];  [Not listed by Nail]
45 4 TQ 117 966 Watford S bank of Colne, W of five arch viaduct. 'In several pieces on the ground, inscription not identifiable' [Bro]
46 2a TQ 116 962 Watford S side of Water Lane, E of bridge over Colne. Due to road reconstruction, moved in April 1966 to:
TQ ? Watford ? The College of Further Education
47 2* TQ 119 955 Bushey At NW corner of Bushey Arches. Now moved to:
TQ 110 964 Watford R Cul-de-sac end of New Street at the end of an alley leading to High Street
48 2c TQ 120 953 Bushey At junction of Capell Road and Pinner Road. Now moved to:
TQ 110 964 Watford R SW side of High Street about 50 yards SE of Market Street at the end of an alley leading to New Street
Three Rivers
49 2* TQ 131 926 Oxhey E side of Oxhey Lane, outside No 1 "The Hollies" and immediately NW of Burntoak Farm
50 5 TQ 123 922 Oxhey W side of railway, 300 yards S along footpath opposite the school in Little Oxhey Lane
51 2* TQ 106 917 Oxhey E side of Potter Street Hill, at junction with Oxhey Drive, Sandy Lane and South View Road
52 5 TQ 092 921 Northwood E side of railway, N of footbridge, 800 yards N of Northwood Station. Arms and inscription on all four sides
53 2 TQ 087 922 Rickmansworth N side of the Boundary Footpath, 200 yards E of Kewferry Road, in playing fields of St Martins School
54 2e TQ 084 923 Rickmansworth In hedgerow S of Batchworth Lane
55 2 TQ 078 923 Rickmansworth W side of Rickmansworth Road, Northwood at the point where it becomes London Road, Batchworth Heath, 30 yards S of "The Prince of Wales"
56 2e TQ 069 915 Rickmansworth At the junction of White Hill and Jackets Lane
? TQ 069 915 Rickmansworth Battlers Wells Farm [Listed by Bro as a separate post but probably a duplicate entry of the previous post]
57 2e TQ 066 917 Rickmansworth S side of Shrubs Road, 200 yards SE of Woodcock Hill Farm (was called Harefield Grove Farm) and 300 yards W of Battlers Wells Farm
58 2* TQ 058 922 Rickmansworth R E side of Harefield Road at the point where it becomes Rickmansworth Road, Harefield, just on to the Hertfordshire side of the county boundary, by entrance to "High Lodge"
59 2e TQ 052 928 Rickmansworth Beside footpath from Stockers Farm to Hill End
- - Posts 218 & 219 are near here
60 1 TQ 047 932 Rickmansworth N bank of Grand Union halfway between Stocker's Lock and Springwell Lock. Bench Mark
61 2e TQ 049 935 Rickmansworth At junction of Shire Ditch and Colne near Mill End
Grid Ref probably should be about 500 yards further W
62 2 TQ 040 935 Rickmansworth W side of Springwell Lane at S end of Drayton Ford Bridge
63 3a TQ 040 935 Rickmansworth In parapet of Drayton Ford Bridge. Now moved to:
TQ 325 815 City of London The Guildhall Museum
Slough / Spelthorne
64 2e TQ 048 880 By bridge over Colne at Savay Farm. Now moved to:
TQ 047 880 In front of Savay Farm House
65 3b TQ 051 846 S side of Oxford Road, in parapet of bridge over the Colne
66 2e TQ 046 835 N side of Cowley Mill Lane by Long Bridge
67 2* TQ 049 822 N side of Iver Lane at E end of bridge over the Colne
68 3b TQ 049 822 In N parapet of this bridge
69 1 TQ 048 807 S side of Slough Arm of Grand Union 100 yards E of bridge over Colne
70 4a TQ 052 801 N side of GWR main line W of Staines underbridge
71 5 TQ 052 800 E side of Staines branch line 100 yards S of GWR main line
72 2 TQ 052 792 N side of Thorney Mill Road E of bridge over Bigley Ditch
73 3b TQ 052 792 In N parapet of this bridge. Now moved to: custody of Buckinghamshire County Council
74 2 TQ 041 768 Longford On E bank of Wyrardisbury River 200 yards N of Mad Bridge
75 2e TQ 040 768 Longford On W bank of Wyrardisbury River 200 yards N of Mad Bridge
76 2e TQ 037 770 Poyle On S bank of stream at NE corner of grounds of Poyle County Infants School
77 2 TQ 028 770 Colnbrook R N side of Park Street (Bath Road), E of Colnbrook Bridge
78 3b TQ 028 770 Colnbrook R In N parapet of the above bridge
79 2e TQ 025 764 Poyle In field to SW of Poyle Manor on E bank of the Colne Brook
80 2e TQ 025 756 Poyle S side of Stanwell Road (was called Horton Road) 300 yards E of junction with Coppermill Road. Now moved to:
TQ 026 758 Poyle S side of Stanwell Road, as realigned
81 2e TQ 022 749 Horton In field fence E of Moor Farm. 'Now moved to: custody of Staines UDC' [Nail]  It is probably this post which now stands at:
TQ 026 720 Staines R N side of Wraysbury Road and E side of the County Ditch about 40 yards E of Lammas Drive
82 4d TQ 018 738 Wraysbury N side railway E of stream and 600 yards SE of Wraysbury Station.
(At this location was the most W post) Now moved to:
TQ 026 720 Staines R S side of Wraysbury Road and W side of the County Ditch about 30 yards E of Lammas Drive
83 - TQ 032 715 Staines Beside the river near the old town bridge.  This is The London Stone (Staines).  Moved 1750 (very approx.) to:
TQ 028 718 Staines R Lammas Pleasure Ground, beside river.  A replica stands here, the original now moved to:
TQ 034 715 Staines Old Town Hall Art Centre, Market Square
84 2e TQ 028 717 Staines On S bank of Thames outside "Counties End", River Park Avenue
85 2e TQ 031 715 Staines N of road at W end of Staines bridge
86 2* TQ 032 715 Staines On traffic Island at Staines bridge end of The Hythe
87 4d TQ 036 713 Staines N of railway E of Thames Street
88 2e TQ 054 670 Chertsey Bridge E side of Thames Side opposite Chertsey Weir
89 2 TQ 055 667 Chertsey Bridge E side of Thames Side outside No 242
90 2b TQ 055 666 Chertsey Bridge S side of Chertsey Bridge Road, E of river
91 2e TQ 079 664 Weybridge Surrey Bank of Thames 400 yards N of W end of Desborough Channel
92 2e TQ 082 664 Weybridge 200 yards E of previous Post
93 2e TQ 091 661 Walton on Thames S side of Walton Lane, 500 yards W of Walton Bridge - post missing at present [Elm]
94 2e TQ 095 664 Walton on Thames R NE side of Walton Bridge SE of river
95 2 TQ 109 685 Walton on Thames In grounds of Yachting Club at N side of Sunbury Lock Ait. No public access
96 2* TQ 111 687 Sunbury on Thames N bank of Thames at S end of path opposite Barclay's Bank (now closed) and No 53 Thames Street.  Opposite and midway between The Avenue and Berkeley Mews
97 1 TQ 116 689 Walton on Thames On S bank of Thames 800 yards E of Sunbury Lock, access from Waterside Drive
98 2e TQ 122 685 West Molesey N side of Hurst road 300 yards W of Weston Avenue. [Nail]
[Elm] describes two posts which may match this. They are:
West Molesey Hurst Road in grounds of Walton Advanced Water Treatment Works. No public access
West Molesey Hurst Road, N side below Molesey (Lambeth) Reservoir
99 2e TQ 124 679 West Molesey S of Walton Road at junction with Molesey Road and Molesey Avenue
100 2 TQ 125 675 West Molesey E side of Molesey Road outside No 47, N of junction with Pool Road
101 2 TQ 137 667 Esher N bank of the Ember 700 yards N of "The Grove". No public access.  [IoE] give a Grid Ref of TQ 140 668
102 4b TQ 140 658 Esher R N side of railway beside No 100 Douglas Road, opposite junction with Blair Avenue
103 2e TQ 139 657 Esher R S side of Lower Green Road opposite Lower Green Open Space and railway bridge leading to Douglas Road
104 2* TQ 145 653 Esher R N side of Portsmouth Road, 600 yards W of the Scilly Isles, almost built into "The Toll House"
105 2h TQ 148 647 Esher W side of Littleworth Lane, N of junction with Littleworth Road, outside "Lessworth"
106 2f TQ 147 644 Esher N side of New Road at junction with Littleworth Road
107 2 TQ 146 641 Claygate W side of Arbrook Lane at junction with Milbourne Lane
108 2h TQ 142 629 Claygate W side of track leading to Arbrook Farm from Copsem Lane, N of bridge over Rythe
109 2e TQ 141 622 Oxshott R W side of Copsem Lane, corner of The Rythe private road, 100 yards S of Esher Common roundabout
110 2e TQ 140 618 Oxshott R W side of Copsem Lane at junction with Sandy Lane and Warren Lane
111 5 TQ 148 618 Oxshott SE side of railway embankment, SW of Stokesheath Road. View from railway bridge
112 2h TQ 148 618 Oxshott SW side of Stokesheath Road near Stokesheath Road Bridge, in grounds of "Foxholes"
- ? TQ 150 619 Oxshott Stokesheath Road, post buried in grounds of Stokesheath Farm at present [Listed by Elm but not Nail]  Marked on map
113 2e TQ 153 621 Oxshott S side of Birchwood Lane (the public bridleway to Arbrook Common), 400 yards E of railway
114 2e TQ 158 624 Claygate E side of New Road/Covets Lane by bridge over ditch, adjacent to Holroyds Plantation
Epsom and Ewell
Posts 115 - 117 are on the Kingston upon Thames / Mole Valley border
115 2e TQ 166 600 Malden Rushett R W side of Leatherhead Road at the point where it becomes Kingston Road, Leatherhead outside "The Star"
116 2 TQ 173 601 Malden Rushett Edge of Ashtead Woods 800 yards S of Rushett Farm
117 2e TQ 178 606 Malden Rushett Edge of Ashtead Woods 500 yards SE of Rushett Farm
118 2 TQ 183 612 Epsom R N side of Christ Church Road in Stew Pond Valley about 200 yards E of the post below
119 2* TQ 182 612 Epsom R S side of Christ Church Road at the point where it becomes Rushett Lane, outside Glanmire Farm
120 2e TQ 181 609 Epsom Near Woodcock Corner, 250 yards S of Glanmire Farm
121 4a TQ 193 597 Ashtead SE side of railway where it crosses the Rye on Epsom Common
122 2e TQ 194 594 Ashtead R N side of Dorking Road at the point where it becomes Epsom Road
123 2e TQ 199 583 Ashtead E E side of Pleasure Pit Road, just S of Headley Road.  Not found
124 2h TQ 200 579 Ashtead W of Headley Road beside footpath by stables
125 2e TQ 201 574 Langley Vale R S side of Langley Vale Road at junction with Headley Road and Downs Road
126 2e TQ 209 572 Langley Vale 300 yards S of Langley Bottom Farm on W side of track leading to Nohome Farm
127 2e TQ 215 575 Langley Vale In wood S of E end of Beaconsfield Road
128 2e TQ 219 577 Epsom Downs R 20 yards E of Walton Road (bridleway) in clearing, 150 yards N of junction with Old London Road (bridleway)
129 2e TQ 221 578 Epsom Downs R W side of Old London Road, by its S crossing of Race Course
130 2e TQ 223 581 Tattenham Corner R E side of Old London Road by the 5 furlong post of the Race Course
131 2e TQ 224 581 Tattenham Corner R E side of Epsom Lane North, 100 yards S of Tattenham Crescent, on a grassy knoll
132 2e TQ 225 584 Tattenham Corner R Tattenham Corner Road, outside "The Tattenham Corner" public house
133 2* TQ 226 578 Tadworth R E side of Epsom Lane North outside No 100
Reigate and Banstead
134 2e TQ 223 571 E side of Walton Downs 250 yards N of Downs Way Close
135 2 TQ 226 560 S side of Motts Hill Lane, 100 yards W of The Avenue behind fence
136 2 TQ 226 558 W side of footpath leading to Withybed Corner 150 yards S of Motts Hill Lane
137 2c TQ 227 553 Walton on the Hill W side of Deans Lane at junction with The Street
138 2c TQ 228 552 W side of Deans Lane in garden of "The Rise"
139 2 TQ 229 551 E end of Chucks Lane, on the heath
140 2e TQ 230 548 SE side of Dorking Road 400 yards N of junction with Deanes Lane
141 2e TQ 231 547 100 yards SE of previous post on Walton Heath
142 2c TQ 232 546 150 yards SE of previous post, beside sheds
143 2e TQ 233 542 400 yards SE of previous post near summit of hill
144 2e TQ 234 536 500 yards S of previous post, 150 yards S of pond
145 2e TQ 235 535 200 yards S of previous post at fork in tracks
146 2d TQ 236 531 500 yards SE of previous post, 400 yards W of "The Sportsman"
147 2e TQ 237 530 200 yards S of previous post
148 2e TQ 237 529 100 yards S of previous post
149 2e TQ 239 525 E side of Margery Grove 200 yards from S end
150 2e TQ 239 524 E side of Margery Grove 100 yards from S end
151 2* TQ 238 523 At S end of Margery Grove  (The most S post - with 152. 33 miles S of Post 36)
152 2e TQ 240 523 On N side of footpath from Colley Hill to Margery Grove
153 2e TQ 240 530 N side of Mogador Road, 100 yards S of "The Sportsman"
154 2e TQ 243 549 150 yards W of Brighton Road in Hogden Bottom
155 2 TQ 243 552 Kingswood R E side of Brighton Road, 100 yards S of Birch Grove. 'opposite Kingswood School' [Nail] no sign of school
156 2e TQ 241 566 W side of Brighton Road, outside Red House School.  Not found
157 2e TQ 258 571 W of the footpath which crosses railway 1200 yards E of Kingswood Station S of railway.  Not found
158 2* TQ 262 573 At edge of Banstead Wood, near Fames Rough
159 2* TQ 272 579 Chipstead R E side of Outwood Lane, 300 yards S of Hazelwood Lane, opposite and 100 yards W of Stagbury House
160 2* TQ 275 578 Chipstead R W side of Hazelwood Lane at junction with Bridgeway and Stagbury Close
161 2d TQ 279 578 Chipstead R W side of How Lane, opposite Yew Tree Close
162 2c TQ 286 580 Chipstead R At junction of Coulsdon Lane, Hollymeoak Road, Portnalls Road, Rickman Hill Road and Hollymead Road
163 2 TQ 291 576 Hooley R E side of Brighton Road, about 150 yards N of the present boundary between Croydon and Reigate & Banstead, opposite and 30 yards S of Grassfield Close
164 2* TQ 289 568 Hooley R E side of Brighton Road beside Star Bridge / Netherne Drive
165 4 TQ 289 567 Hooley r W side of Redhill railway line, 100 yards S of Star Bridge.  Not found
- ? TQ 295 567 Netherne W side of road at the junction of Woodplace Lane, Netherne Lane and Park Lane.  "By side of footpath.  Removed by Netherne Hospital Management Committee about 1949, disposal not known."  [B57]
166 2d TQ 304 568 Coulsdon R E side of Ditches Lane, near Devilsden Wood
167 2d TQ 322 568 Coulsdon R E side of Coulsdon Road, on Coulsdon Common opposite The Grove. On the present boundary between Croydon and Tandridge
168 2 TQ 325 570 Coulsdon R W side of Stites Hill Road / Ninehams Road, Caterham. Just N of No 122 Ninehams Road. On the present boundary between Croydon and Tandridge
169 2 TQ 338 583 Whyteleafe R W side of Whyteleafe Hill, 50 yards E of Hornchurch Hill. 'in front of public library' [Nail] - library now demolished
170 4c TQ 340 581 Whyteleafe R E side of railway 400 yards S of Whyteleafe Station, behind No 376 Godstone Road
171 2 TQ 341 580 Whyteleafe R W side of Godstone Road, outside No 376. (300 yards N of Salmons Lane, opposite and 50 yds SE of Hillside Road)
172 2h TQ 344 577 Whyteleafe r N side of Well Farm Road 100 yards E of Godstone Road.  Not found
173 5 TQ 353 570 Woldingham r S side of Stuart Road, 100 yards from Woldingham Road.  Not found
174 2 TQ 354 570 Woldingham R W side of Woldingham Road at junction with Stuart Road
175 2* TQ 358 577 Woldingham R E side of Bug Hill outside "Halliloo House" (was called "Watendlath")
176 2 TQ 365 583 Warlingham - W side of Chelsham Road at junction with Limpsfield Road. Now moved to:
TQ 364 582 Warlingham R N side of Limpsfield Road 50 yards W of Chelsham Road
177 2d TQ 366 584 Warlingham R N side of Sunny Bank at junction with Chelsham Road
178 2d TQ 371 591 Chelsham R S side of Harrow Road at junction with Chelsham Road
179 2d TQ 365 597 Farleigh R E E side of Old Farleigh Road just N of "The Harrow"
180 2 TQ 368 596 Farleigh R E N end of Daniels Lane, at edge of Little Park Wood
181 2d TQ 382 602 Farleigh R E On the edge of Little Farleigh Green on footpath to Fickleshole. About 200 yards NE of the point where Farleigh Court Road becomes Scotshall Lane
182 2d TQ 385 610 Fickleshole W side of Featherbed Lane 800 yards N of Fickleshole.  Missing - London Borough of Croydon lists of 1997 & 1999 [Cro]
183 2d TQ 395 613 New Addington R SW side of King Henry's Drive, 200 yards SE of junction with Fairchildes Avenue and 200 yards NW of the junction with Layhams Road, Sheepbarn Lane and Skid Hill Lane
184 2d TQ 396 610 New Addington R W side of Skid Hill Lane, 100 yards S of the junction with King Henry's Drive, Layhams Road and Sheepbarn Lane
185 2c TQ 398 611 New Addington R N side of Sheepbarn Lane, 150 yards E of the junction with King Henry's Drive, Layhams Road and Skid Hill Lane
186 2d TQ 415 617 Leaves Green R W side of Leaves Green Road in middle of Leaves Green
187 2d TQ 424 612 Downe R W of Milking Lane on West Kent Golf Course
188 2 TQ 435 600 Berry's Green R W side of Single Street near the point where it becomes Luxted Road outside "Brambleside"
189 2d TQ 439 606 Cudham / Downe R SW side of Cudham Road, Downe (aka Hangrove Hill) at the point where it becomes Downe Road, Cudham. Outside an house called "The Boundary"
190 2h TQ 451 629 Cudham R e W side of Cudham Lane opposite No 83
191 2 TQ 455 632 Green Street Green R W side of Old Hill on corner of Cudham Lane North
192 2 TQ 456 633 Green Street Green R E side of Farnborough Way at junction with High Street. Near the Royal Oak and opposite the Rose and Crown
193 2c TQ 456 635 Green Street Green R W W side of High Street opposite Baptist Church
194 2 TQ 456 639 Green Street Green W side of Sevenoaks Road at junction with Farnborough Hill
195 2 TQ 455 644 Green Street Green W W side of Sevenoaks Road at junction with Shire Lane
196 2 TQ 463 644 N side of Warren Road in garden of No 153A
197 5 TQ 463 646 SW of railway by rear fence of No 15 Crown Close
198 2d TQ 467 651 N side of Goddington Lane, outside No 49
199 2c TQ 480 651 Chelsfield R W side of Chelsfield Lane by entrance to Goddington Park (Pleasure Ground)
200 2d TQ 484 652 E side of Skibbs Lane 1200 yards N of Chelsfield
201 2d TQ 501 658 Crockenhill W side of Daltons Road 800 yards N of Skeet Hill
202 2 TQ 498 671 Crockenhill S side of Cray Road/Crockenhill Road
203 2 TQ 504 675 Crockenhill W side of Stones Cross Road by pond
204 2 TQ 506 676 Crockenhill W side of Green Court Road outside "Courtlands"
205 2 TQ 506 678 Crockenhill N side of Stones Cross Rd at junction with Green Court Rd
206 4b TQ 505 681 Crockenhill N side of railway 500 yards W of Swanley Station
207 2 TQ 503 699 Crockenhill W side of Birch Wood Road N of junction with Leydenhatch Lane
208 2* TQ 507 725 Swanley In rear fence of 57 Baldwyns Park, N of Tile Kiln Lane
209 2* TQ 507 729 S side of Dartford Road/Old Bexley Lane
210 2h TQ 512 739 500 yards S of Crayford Station in front of entrance to quarry
211 2d TQ 516 739 W side of Station Road, opposite No 205
212 2d TQ 522 745 At top of retaining wall at junction of Dartford Road, Crayford Road and Princes Road
213 2 TQ 523 745 W side of Maiden Lane at junction with Crayford road and Dartford Road
214 2g TQ 524 747 E side of Maiden Lane, S of railway bridge
215 5 TQ 524 747 E side of Maiden Lane, S of railway behind fence (Base only remains)
216 4c TQ 531 751 E side of railway, N of Stanham River
On north bank of Stanham River where railway line crosses it, on east side of viaduct. Access to south bank via lane beside 229 Burnham Road and can view across river  (PMSA)
217 1 TQ 540 781 On shore of Thames, W of mouth of Darent   (The most E post. 32 miles E of the original location of Post 82)
Other posts
There are also two other posts which were never actually used as boundary marks but which were erected outside Stockers House, Rickmansworth, a house built by the City for the inspector of coal traffic on the Grand Junction Canal. They are as follows:
218 2a TQ 052 934 Rickmansworth In front of Stockers House. Now moved to side entrance to Stockers House beside towpath
219 2a TQ 052 934 Rickmansworth In front of Stockers House. Now moved to: custody of Rickmansworth Historical society
Roger W Haworth   2004 Oct 2
No. T2 OT  OS Grid Ref Village P Location

Table Columns
    No This is the post's Nail Number - see Sources below.   Posts are listed anticlockwise from the estuary - with possibly a few deviations from strict line-of-boundary sequence.
T2 Entry here if Nail Type 2 The key to the type suffices, eg. 2a** is not yet to hand.
OT Entry here if other Nail Type
OS Grid Ref  Links are to photo pages.   Yellow highlight means the Grid Ref in the [CoL] version of the Nail list is wrong.  The correct one appears here.
Village Many of these posts still stand on boundaries so it is not always possible to tell exactly in which local authority area a given post stands. Therefore the village and area names should not be treated too rigidly.
Photo location:    B - [Bro] site
E - Images of England from English Heritage
R - RWH - this site  
If this is a link, the photo caption provides a bit more information about the post
W - Wheeler Systems Network
    [Nail] The Coal Duties of the City of London and their Boundary Marks, 1972 by Martin Nail.
This report gives each Post a number - the Nail Number and a Type.
A copy of the report is held by the Corporation of London Records Office. Tel 020 7332 1251.
[RWH] has not yet had sight of this report but believes that it is the source (probably with very little change) of …
    [CoL] Corporation of London - full list as a small PDF
    [B57] Bourne Society Bulletin - 1957
[Elm] Elmbridge list
[Bro] Hertfordshire list - Brookmans Park site
[IoE] Images of England - difficult to find Coal Post entries - try these results of searching
[Cro] London Borough of Croydon - list of Listed Buildings
[RWH] Roger W Haworth - editor and photographer of these pages

Post Types
Sadly the sources have used their own codes for the different post types. In the main table the Nail types are used. They are listed below together with the codes used by the other two sources that give post types.
    Nail   Bro Elm
1 Slightly tapered granite obelisks, 4 feet high, erected on the banks of canals and rivers C 4
2 Square cast iron column with bevelled corners,
3 to 4 feet high - the most common type
D 1
3 Cast-iron boxes or plates, about 10 inches square, built into the parapets of bridges - -
4 Four sided stone or cast-iron obelisks on a square base, 14 feet high, erected by the side of railways prior to the 1861 Act A 2
5 Cast iron obelisks on a square base, 5 feet high, erected beside railways B 3

Editor's Notes

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